What is Special about Psychogenic Impotence and its Treatment?

Psychological impotence is almost always temporary, which is not surprising. The vast majority of problems at men suffering from disorders of this type is in the head.

Important! Psychogenic impotence can appear completely without reason and disappear quickly enough, but sometimes healing process linger for many years. It all depends on man’s readiness to «banish demon’s from his mind» and start to live normal sexual life.

facts about psychogenic impotence

Etiological Factors of Attraction Reduction

In general, a full range of psychological sexual problems can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Psychosocial – low social communication, latent homosexuality, strict Puritan upbringing, partner’s refusal;
  2. Psychologicalparaphilia, low self-esteem, congenital hyposexuality, psychological trauma at any age, gender identity conflict;
  3. Psychoneurological – underlying expectation of failure in bed, depression, sexual neuroses, specific sexual incompatibility with partner.

The same causes may lead to the following:

  • failed first sexual experience. Trying to make a lasting impression, but in fact, simply being afraid to “goof up”, a man as a result fails, which further leads to diagnosis of “psychological impotence”. Especially if sexual partner will not be tactful;
  • severe stress can cause psychological impotence at men, but it all depends on individual characteristics. Emotions associated with small release of adrenaline (it depresses testosterone to some extent) can, on the contrary, increase potency. Severe stress, especially repetitive, can lead to psychological erectile dysfunction.

And although men are considered to be the stronger sex, there a lot of fears in their heads, which leads to problems with potency. And telling partner about fears or visiting psychologist – not really, thank you!

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Psychological impotence may arise due to banal aversion to partner, sometimes this feeling arises unconsciously, at physical (smell) or emotional level.

Factors of Sexual Disorders

facts about psychogenic impotenceErectile dysfunction is commonly considered as inability to achieve erection and maintain it long enough to complete sexual intercourse. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction can occur due to the following psychogenic factors:

  • injuries at any age;
  • personal factors (emotions, feelings);
  • interpersonal factors (weak or absent communication between partners).

Without distinguishing concept of «sexual desire» it is impossible to understand reason, structure of sexual disorder and in future choose proper treatment tactics.

Three components of the concept:

  1. sexual dominant. It is by far motivation, generated in “subcortical” of the brain, that determines vital human functions;
  2. libido. Attraction to someone, in this sense – to a woman;
  3. potency. Functional state of peripheral and central apparatus of CNS, their work depends on quality of sexual reactions implementation.

Thus, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is defined by the following points:

  • cause of total or selective sexual desire reduction;
  • presence of psycho-traumatic factors;
  • presence of «fixing» syndrome, expectations of failure;
  • presence of asthenic syndrome.

Psychogenic impotence may occur temporarily and be permanent, and most often occurs at men who overwork themselves physically and mentally, have certain psychological problems with finding partner. Temporary dysfunction disappears in case when lifestyle is normalized.

At present time, thanks to quality diagnosis and established difference between true and psychogenic impotence, various pathologies (pederosis, bestiality) are registered rarer.

What is Necessary for Therapy?

Treatment of psychological impotence is important to entrust to doctor, who will prescribe several sessions of psychotherapy, advise appointment to sex therapist, listen to and sort out deeply hidden reason of «male disability» problem.

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Many men try to cope with the problem alone, but do not forget that its roots must be sought in psychological aspects of your life. It is important to carry out self-analysis, «find» the point where failure occurred, discuss this topic with your partner, normalize lifestyle. For some people it is enough just to relax two or three weeks in the countryside and not think during this time about work and home issues.

Important to remember! Women’s beauty is the best doctor for impotence! Naked woman’s body, as well as in erotic lingerie – and intimate organs magically may cure almost any psychological problems at men.

Standard situation: decline in sexual life quality of spouses. You can talk about «love and faith», but nature can not be fooled, psychologically any man wants well-cared, beautiful and fun partner. The reason for him to «get it outside», his wife, first of all, should look for in herself. It is unpleasant to see every day disgruntled, unwashed and untidy woman, angry, shouting right and left.

That is why a man is forced to look for a new partner on the side, as «intrafamilial impotence treatment».

psychogenic impotence therapy

How to cure psychological impotence? There are lots of options: new environment, bottle of good wine, sex games, sudden extreme – methods are numerous, you need only to create proper mood for yourself.

But in cases when treatment with such simple methods does not work, consult your doctor. Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy can work wonders even in, it seemed, hopeless cases. In recent years treatment with PDE-5 inhibitors (Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.) has become popular, which are used at all types of erectile dysfunction, especially in cases of vascular disorders. They can be an excellent means of psychological protection, in presence of stimulation and excitement they provide powerful blood flow (vascular effect), reducing risk of sexual failure to minimum. It is desirable to carry out pharmacological treatment in conjunction with psychotherapy, to secure desired effect.

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However, not all psychological problems are easily identified and resolved, in some cases, you will have to with the help of physician «thoroughly dig» in your subconscious to understand your psychology and help you to cope with life’s troubles and complexes.

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