Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man can’t reach steady erection and keep it for full sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder in the 21st century. At this disorder a person observes reduced potency, regular premature ejaculation, penis and other erogenous zones become less sensitive to external factors.

In addition, together with weak erection at most men there appear sharp decrease in testosterone level and reproductive function disorders, manifesting in poor sperm motility, an insufficient amount of seminal fluid production, general hormonal background violation.

Erectile dysfunction is often a cause of psychological problems. Difficulties with achievement and maintenance of erection contribute to the development of complexes, fears and self-inconfidence. Without timely and comprehensive treatment, this disorder may lead to more serious diseases in the body.


erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is an important signal for the presence of genital pathologies. The main causes of this disease are:

  • injury and inflammatory processes in organs;
  • presence of androgen deficiency;
  • diseases of nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems;
  • hormonal drugs;
  • obesity or sedentary lifestyle;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • alcohol, smoking, drug abuse;
  • stress, depression, nervous breakdowns;
  • sleep deficiency, overfatigue.

Erectile disorder is considered a disease of middle-aged men: most people are exposed to it after 40 years. However, in today’s world, young men frequently face low libido and premature ejaculation. At first sign of such violations occurrence, a person must be examined and consult a specialist.


The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is a poor erection or its complete absence. A clear sign of disturbances in reproductive system is the presence of premature ejaculation problems, which may occur during first minutes of sex or immediately after excitement.

A symptom in young men is lack of erection in the morning. Also at sexual frustration, people notice fatigue, mild irritability, partial lack of sexual desire. At first sign of the disease, it is necessary to be diagnosed and start treatment. In absence of therapy, pathology leads to the development of impotence and prostate adenoma.


The treatment does not take a lot of time if timely to pay attention to the problem, be examined and comply with expert’s recommendations. In 99% of cases, this disorder is treated with medical drugs, selective inhibitors or natural dietary supplements. They must be chosen, based on problem cause, age, state of health. After the first course of treatment at most men premature ejaculation disappears, libido increases, erection becomes stronger and sexual intercourse duration increases.

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In addition to drugs to increase potency and natural supplements, patients are advised to use traditional remedies. They help to quickly and accurately restore healthy erection, have a positive influence on hormonal system and microflora, tone and strengthen the body.

Another effective addition to medicational treatment is special exercises that are focused on strengthening genital muscles, enhance their firmness and elasticity, activate blood circulation. At comprehensive treatment, consisting of high-quality products, home recipes and exercises, you can achieve excellent results in the fight against erectile disorder for two to three months.

Treatment with Pills

For erectile disorder treatment today there are a large number of effective drugs. The most effective drugs are based on selective inhibitors that inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme. This enzyme constricts blood vessels and reduces erection duration, causing premature ejaculation. Under selective inhibitors influence, male erection lasts much longer than usual. It becomes stronger because of increased blood flow. In humans, it increases erogenous zones sensitivity.


The most famous product of this type is Viagra. Its composition base is represented by potent selective inhibitor – sildenafil, which action is maintained for four hours. Viagra has no age restrictions, but it is not suitable for serious chronic diseases of heart, liver and kidneys.

Men of old age or persons suffering from severe chronic pathologies for treatment are recommended to use natural supplements that are made of natural stimulants, aphrodisiacs and healthy herbal ingredients. For example, Furunbao Super drug has prolonged effect. It restores strong erection, struggles with premature ejaculation, normalizes hormonal balance, with a minimal number of contraindications. The product is well tolerated and does not cause severe adverse reactions.

Medications for ED Treatment

One of the most high-quality products for of weak erection treatment is Cialis. This means consists of selective inhibitor – tadalafil, its action begins 20 – 30 minutes after administration. Product duration time – 36 hours. The drug relaxes genital muscles, allowing penis cavernous bodies to fill with blood. Under generic Cialis influence erection becomes strong and stable, ejaculation process is slowed down, and sex lasts much longer.

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No less effective for the erectile disorder is Canadian Pharmacy Levitra drug. This product composition contains PDE-5 selective inhibitor – vardenafil. It activates blood flow to the penis and suppresses nerve impulses, absorbs serotonin, resulting in longer blood vessels dilation. Ejaculation occurs much later. Under generic Levitra action erogenous zones sensitivity increases, physical and emotional sensations of orgasm are enhanced, healthy seminal fluid production restores.

Treatment with Traditional Remedies

For erectile disorder treatment, herbal teas are perfect. They are effective, quickly prepared and have a positive impact on the whole organism. A popular home remedy is a sage broth. To cook it you need to pour 250 g of dried sage with boiling water and infuse it for 20 minutes. The warm broth is recommended to drink three times a day before meals. Sage has tonic and stimulating effect. The plant is considered one of the best natural aphrodisiacs for men.

In the same way, you can prepare hawthorn broth. The medicine is particularly effective if erectile disorders are caused by diseases of cardiovascular system. Hawthorn dilates blood vessels and strengthens their walls, activates blood circulation and supports heart health.

To increase libido and enhance erection, you can use a mixture of dried fruits: it is necessary to grind 20 g of figs, prunes and raisins, stir and add a spoon of honey. Dried fruits improve blood vessels functioning, increase blood flow to pelvic organs, increase energy and endurance.

Treatment at Home

Treatment of erectile disorder at home should be started with diet changes. The daily menu should include foods rich in magnesium to restore and maintain sexual health: seafood, red meat, nuts, dried fruits. Also, it is necessary to eat more greenery and cereals. To strengthen erection it is useful to eat raw pumpkin seeds. They are rich in zinc, which is needed for healthy blood circulation and sex hormones synthesis. During a day it is recommended to eat 30 pumpkin seeds. They can be added to food.

Alcoholic infusions (e. g., gourd infusion) have high efficiency at weak erection. To prepare medication four tablespoons of dried white gourds are poured with 500 ml of white wine and boiled for 15 minutes. After infusion cools down, filter it and take every day 50 ml before sleep. This means has a positive effect on blood vessels, stimulates smooth muscles, increases erogenous zones sensitivity.

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levitra cialis

Drug action begins 20 – 30 minutes after administration and remains for ten hours. Before using selective inhibitors it is advised to consult your doctor. These substances have several contraindications and may cause side reactions. When receiving drugs of this group it is necessary to control alcohol consumption.

Weak Erectile Function – What to Do?

If a weak erection occurs regularly, you should see a doctor to be diagnosed, determine disease causes, choose optimal treatment. Weak erection in itself is not a serious disease. However, its presence often signals about violations of the reproductive system and can be a cause of more severe diseases (impotence or infertility).

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Among psychological erectile dysfunction causes there are:

  • congenital decreased libido;
  • low self-esteem and complexes;
  • uncertainty in sexual orientation;
  • psychological trauma received in childhood or adolescence.

Also, psychological disorder in the sexual system is a consequence of difficulties in social interaction, low sociability, strict anti-sexual upbringing in a family, problems in relationships with partner, lack of intimate experience, regular sexual desire suppression. For treatment caused by psychological problems, it is necessary to consult not only urologist but also sex therapist or psychotherapist. Disease treatment is to go through psychological sessions and take special medicines.


For accurate erectile dysfunction diagnosis and identifying causes of its occurrence, first of all, you should consult a urologist. The specialist may prescribe the following tests: blood and urine test, blood clotting test, test for hormones, penis ultrasound, and other psychological and neurological examinations.

Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age

Erectile disorders at a young age appear due to stress, fatigue and unbalanced diet. Low testosterone is also the cause of weak erection in young men. To restore it people under 40 years old may use both natural additives and selective inhibitors (in absence of contraindications).

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction at Elderly Age

For erectile dysfunction treatment in elderly men, experts recommend choosing medicines based on natural ingredients. BAAs do not cause side effects and complications of chronic diseases. They do not accumulate in blood plasma, do not increase blood sugar level and blood pressure. Natural products have mild and gradual exposure, effectively restoring erection and strengthening the entire body.