Impotence – What is it and How to Treat it?

Impotence is a tragedy for every man, but especially for those who have led active sex life. Risks to obtain this disease present at young men under the age of thirty years. After thirty years this risk triples, so it is better to prepare in advance. As they say: «Forewarned is forearmed». The disease manifests itself gradually, so that when the first symptoms appear you should immediately consult a doctor. Statistics show that disease causes are neurological disorders and other diseases (heart, liver diseases, diabetes and so on).

What is Impotence?

Impotence is erectile dysfunction (when male penis volume, firmness and elasticity are not sufficient to perform normal sexual intercourse). There are two kinds of impotence – partial or complete, and it can occur at the beginning and after a few years of sexual activity. The reason may be even simple loss of sexual attraction to the partner or fear not to satisfy the partner. Maybe a woman is no longer exciting for her partner. To treat this problem is very simple – you need to find a more attractive partner, or to diversify sex life.


Is it Possible to Cure Impotence?

Impotence is not terrifying, if it is treated properly! There are many effective ways to overcome this disease. And everyone is able to choose a suitable method. Impotence treatment can last from weeks to several months. Only you should always consult a doctor and never hesitate to talk about this illness, because the sooner you start to treat it, the sooner you will get rid of it! And now let’s look at treatment methods and try to understand them.

Hypnosis for Potency

To date, we know of many cases of curing diseases with help of hypnosis. Although such procedure costs a lot of money, and it is necessary to find a real expert, but it is worth it. Due to the fact that there are very few true hypnotists, this method is not popular.

A Little Magic for Potency

Once it was that often people in villages went to healers, who eliminated evil curses and treated various diseases, and even there are known cases of impotence treatment (yes, impotence!). But now they are also not numerous, and half of them simply make money on other people’s troubles. Now let’s move to a more realistic ways to combat impotence.

Increasing Potency with Traditional Medicine

Previously, there were no hospitals, so our ancestors engaged in traditional medicine, making different herbal tinctures, gave each other recipes, invented new things and lived longer and were healthier. That is what gave rise to modern medicine, which we’ll talk about later. But these tinctures recipes are not known, but if you carefully surf the Internet, you are sure to find a lot of effective ways for returning male power.

Medicamental Treatment

There are many drugs that really work and help to cure male impotence. Typically, these medications work as erection stimulators. The most obvious and well-known example of such drugs is Canadian Pharmacy Viagra.

It acts as enhancer, but only in response to sexual stimulation. Dosage for men is appointed by doctor. Often doctors prescribe 50 mg of medication at one reception. But much depends on patient and his health. The drug can be taken no more than once a day.

There is another type of medication. These drugs are taken as long courses of three or even four weeks. If doctor did not determine dosage, you need to read instruction that is attached to the drug. In most cases –that is 1 pill three times a day. Such drugs effectiveness does not always meet expectations, so it is best to consult your doctor before you start taking the drug. Usually physician should prescribe medication to you himself and tell about dosage regimen.

In this disease treatment there are also used special injections into penile erectile tissues with «Prostaglandin E1» drug. How does it work? It dilates blood vessels. At sexual stimulation blood begins to surge to cavernous bodies and erection appears. Cavernous body is penile erectile tissue. When blood gets into them, they become firm and increase in size. That’s how erection appear. And the last, most terrifying and most effective method – a way to solve the problem with scalpel.

Surgical Impotence Treatment

Penile ImplantThis is the most extreme method! The surgery is not as difficult as it seems, but for doctors it is a lot of work. Because different prostheses are inserted into penis. They are of several types. The most convenient for surgeons and patients are hydraulic prostheses «Ambicor» and «Ultratrex». These are constructions of cylinder and liquids for filling them for prostheses functioning.

If a man wants to start treatment with one of the above methods, he should at least temporarily eliminate his bad habits, create a good relaxed environment, never get nervous. And it is desirable to replace bad habits for good – jogging, going to gym, eating healthy food and breathing more fresh air. And also a good effect can be achieved by not attempting to engage into sexual relations for a week.