Antibiotics Effect on Potency

Antibiotics today are fairly common in medicine, they are use for treating complex inflammatory diseases and for simple manipulations, such as for healing purulent wounds. Of course, despite all benefits, these drugs can cause considerable damage to the body.

Men, as it is known, in virtue of their temper are more cautious about taking new drugs than women, and the stronger sex wonders whether antibiotics affect sexual function?

Antibiotics Prescription

Antibiotics really make our lives easier, they are used in:

  • dentistry;
  • surgery;
  • urology;
  • for treating bacterial, viral and sexually transmitted diseases, septic wounds.

antibioticsAntibiotics have helped thousands of patients to survive. Perhaps there is no such person, who did not take at least once in his lifetime these drugs. However, antibiotics should be used only after consulting your doctor, any self-medication is strictly prohibited.

Even doctors appoint antibiotics only when these drugs are extremely necessary. Scientific studies have been conducted by on what side effects may appear from using these means. And as it turned out, certain antibiotics bring harm to our body. They can disrupt gastrointestinal tract function, reduce immunity, cause allergic reactions to the drug and damage urogenital system.

Harm from Antibiotics for Men

You have to understand that antibiotics affect viruses by destroying all bacteria – both harmful and beneficial. Moreover, in case of prolonged or repeated use of such drugs the body becomes accustomed to their components and antibiotics do not cause desired effect.

In the first place, antibiotics side effects negatively affects liver, kidneys, rarer – stomach and urinary tract functioning.

According to My Canadian Pharmacy statistics, about 10% of medicines can cause deterioration of potency at men. This list can include pills that reduce blood pressure, hormonal drugs, antidepressants and sedatives that suppress male hormones production.

So, antibiotics may cause temporary erectile dysfunction, which is more linked to the whole body weakening, rather than negative influence of drugs directly on potency. Especially brightly it was observed in sexually transmitted diseases treatment.

If treatment is ended, and sexual function didn’t restore, you should think about other possible factors, that may cause impotence, and seek help from sexual health specialist.

Recommendation: During treatment period and at least 2 weeks after it, it is not recommended to conceive children, because antibiotics negatively affect sperm quality and composition, which can cause various pathologies development at future baby.

Which Antibiotics can Reduce Potency?

The following antibiotics negatively affect potency:

  • antidepressants;
  • desipramine;
  • chlorpromazine;
  • trazodone;
  • propranolol;
  • verapamil;
  • clonidine;
  • ranitidine;
  • gentamicin;
  • cephalosporins;
  • colimycine.

What to do to Protect yourself?

  1. Before you start taking these or that preparations it is necessary to coordinate treatment with doctor. It is also important to consult specialist, if at the beginning of treatment you continue to take other medications that may be incompatible with antibiotics.
  2. Ask expert to assign additional drugs (bifidus bacteria or probiotics), restoring weakened body.
  3. Be sure to follow dosage and treatment regimen because undertreated infection can cause serious complications, including – impotence.
  4. Carefully read instructions for use, there are always possible side effects.
  5. During treatment, eat as much as possible products that enhance erection. They include seafood (shrimp, salmon, squid, mussels), nuts and greenery (parsley, spinach, green onions), eggs, lean meat, ginger.

Other Factors that Affect Potency

According to My Canadian Pharmacy, often complaints on erection deterioration after prolonged antibiotic treatment are groundless, because this problem can be triggered by other factors.

  • In the first place of this list, of course, alcohol. It’s no secret that alcoholic drinks by themselves adversely affect health, and even more so they are harmful in combination with antibiotics. As a result of uncontrolled consumption of large quantities of alcohol, male hormones production is disrupted, which can cause lack of erection or premature ejaculation during intimacy.
  • Also, medical studies have proven that impotence cause can be smoking. Everyone knows detrimental effect of nicotine on heart and lungs, but other than that, this chemical constricts blood vessels, which impairs blood circulation throughout the body, including, blood flow to penis.
  • Lack of erection at men is often caused by external factors affecting their psychological state. They include stress in the family and at work, depression, disturbance of day regimen, lack of sleep. All this sooner or later causes hormonal disruptions in the body and often leads to sexual passivity.
  • Overweight may significantly affect sexual desire. This happens because male libido depends on hormone – testosterone (learn more), production of which is blocked at obesity, moreover in blood increased level of female hormones is observed, which causes lack of erection.
  • Excessive exercise are also harmful to men, because they, as well as other factors, may reduce potency, which is quite common among professional athletes. In this case, moderate exercise and alternating them with wholesome rest will help to solve the problem.