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My Canadian Pharmacy: Erectile Dysfunction at Chronic Prostatitis

Among men there is a perception that erectile dysfunction at prostatitis and just reduced potency are closely connected. However, this opinion is erroneous, because if patient has inflammation of prostate gland , it does not always lead to decreased sexual desire. And vise versa, if a man does not experience sexual excitement, it is not necessarily a sign of prostatitis.

What is Special about Psychogenic Impotence and its Treatment?

Psychological impotence is almost always temporary, which is not surprising. The vast majority of problems at men suffering from disorders of this type is in the head. Important! Psychogenic impotence can appear completely without reason and disappear quickly enough, but sometimes healing process linger for many years. It all depends on man’s readiness to «banish demon’s from his mind» and start to live normal sexual life.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Loss of Erection during Sex

Such unpleasant phenomenon, as lack of excitement before sexual intercourse is frustrating for man, and if it happens that erection is lost during sex – he is going through deep depression and considers it as personal failure. It is also not easy for his to hide disappointment, so if unpleasant situation repeats for more than 1 – 2 times, it is necessary to visit a specialist without delays, because it can lead to serious consequences. […]

My Canadian Pharmacy: How does Sport Affect Potency?

Sport impact on potency depends on its type, regularity and difficulty of exercises, for example, professional or amateur level of exercises, and other factors, which are discussed below. Sport as a Way of Healing Body Sports activities effectively affect human body, thus it becomes stronger. For example, aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, rope jumping and any kind of exercises may contribute to cardiovascular muscle workout, while body is saturated with oxygen, lung function improves, […]

Why does Smoking Cause Problems with Erection?

Nowadays, children increasingly began to be born “in vitro”. Reason for that is not only women’s health – problems with conceiving are often caused by diseases that develop at men. One of male infertility causes is erectile dysfunction – inability to enjoy full sex life. It is unlikely that there is another factor that would influence man’s self-esteem as much as potency. Its violation leads to depression, neuroses, families destruction and even suicide among men. […]

Alcohol and Potency: Consequences

The fact that alcohol has negative impact on potency has long been known. Moreover, ancient physicians had even a saying that claim that wine can cause desire, but would deprive of opportunity to perform it. It is no secret that alcohol is a poison that has destructive effect on all systems and individual organs of human body. And, male reproductive system is not an exception. At the same time there is a misconception that if […]

Erectile Dysfunction and Nitric Oxide

Erection physiology was studied in the late twentieth century, after discovery of important role of nitric oxide in vasodilatation process. Scientists believe, not without reason reason, that it is nitric oxide that plays crucial role in erectile function. Such a significant role of nitric oxide is connected with the fact that it stimulates necessary cavernous bodies trabecular muscle relaxation and this in its turn contributes to penile erection. For discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a […]

Antibiotics Effect on Potency

Antibiotics today are fairly common in medicine, they are use for treating complex inflammatory diseases and for simple manipulations, such as for healing purulent wounds. Of course, despite all benefits, these drugs can cause considerable damage to the body. Men, as it is known, in virtue of their temper are more cautious about taking new drugs than women, and the stronger sex wonders whether antibiotics affect sexual function?

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition at which a man can’t not reach steady erection and keep it for full sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder in the 21st century. At this disorder a person observes reduced potency, regular premature ejaculation, penis and other erogenous zones become less sensitive to external factors. In addition, together with weak erection at most men there appear sharp decrease in testosterone level and reproductive function disorders, […]

Impotence – What is it and How to Treat it?

Impotence is a tragedy for every man, but especially for those who have led active sex life. Risks to obtain this disease present at young men under the age of thirty years. After thirty years this risk triples, so it is better to prepare in advance. As they say: «Forewarned is forearmed». The disease manifests itself gradually, so that when the first symptoms appear you should immediately consult a doctor. Statistics show that disease causes […]