Anti-Spam Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a service of supplying people with high-quality medications. With our pharmacy, any customer may obtain necessary products at lower price and without a prescription. Any spam messages distribution via this website is strictly prohibited.

What is considered spam?

anti-spamWe consider spam any mass mailing to clients or visitors without their prior consent. When using our service, the following mailing rules must be observed:

  • message subject and text must not contain any false, incorrect or misleading information;
  • messages must not be sent to clients without their prior consent;
  • clients’ activity must not contravene advertising law.

Our clients agree not to use service for spamming.

Measures in case of non-compliance with rules

In case of receiving complaints on the violation of Anti-spam policy, service provision will be suspended until violation fact-finding, the account may be banned. As a rule, decisions about complaints is made within 24 hours.

How we react on spam

We make every effort so that our messages successfully reached their addressees, so to prevent spam messages, we:

  • manage mandatory pre-moderation for all sent messages (while we guarantee fast sending within a few minutes);
  • ban accounts of those users who try to carry out spamming activity;
  • forbid mailing to clients that have not given their consent to receive messages via My Canadian Pharmacy service;
  • every email-message must content link for distribution refusal;
  • constantly carry out public black-lists monitoring and immediately take measures on removing our mail servers from them;
  • moreover, as one of spam countermeasures we apply addresses which serve as traps for spambots. When sending mails to these addresses we automatically ban the entire mailout.

Complaints about spam from our clients

If you have received spam with any indication on My Canadian Pharmacy service, please let us know via e-mail to Attach to the letter received spam message, date and time this message was received.

We protect our customers from any illegal actions and unwanted messages.