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Antibiotics: Classification, Rules and Uses

Antibiotics are drugs that can inhibit microorganisms growth or destroy them. They include substances of plant, animal or microbial origin. Currently, this antibiotics definition is somewhat out of date, because there is a huge number of synthetic drugs created, but prototypes for their creation were natural antibiotics. History of antimicrobials begins in 1928 when A. Fleming first discovered penicillin. This substance was really discovered, not created since it has always existed in nature. In wildlife it is produced…

How to Take Antibiotics: All You Need to Know

Antibiotics are used to treat most infectious diseases. Unfortunately, many people start using these medications even at insignificant health problems, but such approach is absolutely wrong. These powerful drugs affect the whole body, so they should be taken strictly according to the certain rules in order to prevent severe consequences.

Smoking While Taking Antibiotics: Is It Dangerous?

The word “antibiotic” consists of 2 parts: “anti” – translated as “against”, and “bio” – “life”. It turns out that an antibiotic is the enemy of life. Of course, we are talking about the life of microorganisms, however, we should consider: whether it is allowed to engage in self-medication, whether to give antibiotics to our children without doctor’s recommendation? We do not always seek doctor’s advice and sometimes attempt to suppress infection by ourselves. After all, virtually…

History of Antibiotics

In recent decades, medical practice has been enriched by a new group of biological products for infectious diseases treatment and prevention and was defined as « antibiotics ». Ability of some microorganisms to suppress lives of others (antibiosis) was first established by I. I. Mechnikov, who proposed use of this property for therapeutic purposes: in particular, he used lactobacillus to suppress vital functions of harmful putrefaction bacteria in intestine, which was offered to introduce with clabber….

Ampicillin and Alcohol

In general, Ampicillin is considered a relatively safe antibiotic that rarely causes side effects. There is a theoretical possibility that this drug is compatible with alcohol. But there are no safe drugs – each of them has one or other toxic properties, and each person has an individual sensitivity threshold to them. If the body is affected by two xenobiotics, the probability of unusual reaction is multiplied.

Antibiotics: All You Need to Know

This article is a small guide on how to use the most common antibiotics of penicillin group, which can be used by both children and adults. Penicillins are the most popular antibiotics from Canadian Pharmacy. They have many modern derivatives: augmentin, amoxicillin, ampicillin, oxacillin and other antibiotics which names usually end with “-cillin”. These drugs are similar in their mechanism of action.

Amoxicillin and Alcohol – Can We Combine Them?

Amoxicillin is a drug which has a high efficacy in the treatment of infectious, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Taking other agents may reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotic. Besides, the combination of this drug with alcohol has its own individual characteristics. [ithshop code=”amoxicillin” tpl=”short” page_id=”934″ dummy=”txt”]

Amoxicillin Dosage Guide

Amoxicillin dosage is determined individually in each case. Both dosage and treatment duration depends on many factors including patient’s age, weight, disease severity and anamnesis. [ithshop code=”amoxicillin” tpl=”short” page_id=”934″ dummy=”txt”]

What is Amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin is a semi-synthetic antibacterial penicillin drug. According to some reports, this is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for treating children. The drug was synthesized by «Beecham» British company scientists in 1960. After 12 years, during which clinical trials, this antibiotic became available for sale. It became second semi-synthetic penicillin drug after ampicillin, developed in 1961. [ithshop code=”amoxicillin” tpl=”short” page_id=”934″ dummy=”txt”]

Can You Mix Cipro and Alcohol?

Cipro is one of the drugs that are frequently taken together with alcohol. Of course, people take them together not on purpose – a lot of people simply can not get rid of a bad habit of drinking alcohol, even when undergoing treatment and taking drugs. But the joint use of this antibiotic and strong alcoholic drinks can be very detrimental. [ithshop code=”cipro” tpl=”short” page_id=”872″ dummy=”txt”]