Staff and Experts

Dr. Bharat Udey was born in 1980 in Delhi. He was occupied as a medical expert on the well-known pharmaceutical company produced the generics for male sexual health for a long period. Being a prosperous student, he was offered to undergo the practice there. As a result, he was involved in this process. After some time, this company starts cooperating with My Canadian Pharmacy, one of the most sought-after online pharmacy. He was offered to work in the staff to get to know more details about pharmaceutical business in general. Finally, he became a pharmacist of Canadian Pharmacy and has achieved appraisal of customers and administrators for his job.

Dr. A Chakravarthy was born in 1985. Dr. A Chakravarthy family immigrated in the USA in 1990. He graduated from High Medical School from the pharmacology faculty. He was a skilled student with the idea to help people coping with any health problems. He left an application for work in My Canadian Pharmacy and got the response to become a learner of this online company. After several months, he was promoted to a pharmacist. His hobby is to take part in various types of flashmobs to attract people from all over the world to global health problems. He is still working in this online pharmacy believing he has made everything possible to assist people suffering from any kind of sexual problems.

Dr. Himanshu Singh is a contingent worker writing articles and checking the instruction for use of every preparation sold at My Canadian Pharmacy. He works online from India where he takes part in the clinical trials of generics’ safety. He published articles devoted to sexual male health, female health, asthma and many other topics. Dr. Himanshu Singh has graduated from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. His education allows him to inform people about many health problems related to the reproductive system. Dr. Himanshu Singh is the author of all the published articles of My Canadian Pharmacy.

Sean Matthews is a system administrator. The main duties of such an administrator are:

  • to service mainly the server systems;
  • to carry out diagnostics of software errors;
  • to set access permission and control the use of network resources;
  • to provide timely copying, archiving and backing up data;
  • to take measures to restore the local network in case of failures or failure of network equipment;
  • to detect user and software errors and takes action to correct them;
  • to monitor the network, develop offers for the development of network infrastructure;
  • to provide network security (protection against unauthorized access to information, viewing or changing system files and data), security of interconnection;
  • to provide anti-virus protection of the local computer network, servers and workstations.