Causes of Erectile Dysfunction



According to researches, erectile dysfunction may be caused by several reasons:

  • endocrine;
  • medicamental;
  • local;
  • neurological;
  • vascular.

All this refers to organic erectile dysfunction form when it is caused by some change or disorder in the body. Much more common is psychological erectile dysfunction form, then normal sexual life is interfered by psychoneurological male features. Besides, almost always problems with erection, conditioned by organic causes, are accompanied with psychological component, which, after root causes, elimination can take center stage.

Endocrine Causes

Endocrine erectile dysfunction causes include primarily hypogonadism – insufficient sexual glands function and low production of male hormone – testosterone. Besides erection problems this state is characterized by increased voice pitch, face and body hair growth cessation, chest, femora and buttocks adipopexia. As a rule, these changes occur at severe human body hormonal system disorder, and in these cases endocrinologist help must be obtained. Fortunately, such diseases are relatively rare.

Other endocrinological erectile disorders cause may be pituitary tumor – one of the most important endocrine glands in human body, which is located in brain. If such tumor secretes hormone called prolactin, no other changes in the body, except for persistent erectile dysfunction, will not be observed. In this case, for diagnostics not only patient’s hormonal state examination is necessary, but also brain computer tomography.

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Medicamental Causes

There are several types of drugs that may have adverse effect on male erectile function. Hormonal drugs that block male sex hormones action (so-called anti-androgens), as well as female sex hormones medications cause serious problems with erection because of all its hormonal mechanism violation. These drugs are usually prescribed only for severe diseases treatment, the most common of which is prostate cancer. In this case, doctors are guided by the principle, when it is essentially necessary to prolong and facilitate patient’s life as much as possible.

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However, there are cases when «kind» doctor prescribed powerful anti-androgens (sometimes even called castration drugs) to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (more commonly known as adenoma). There is no need to say, that these medications are 100% sure to help, but all patients were horrified when realized that they no longer feel themselves «men». Fortunately, erectile function was restored quickly after such drugs were withdrawn.

Other medical preparations influencing erection are related to substances with brain cortex supressive effect. This is mainly alcohol and narcotic preparations, that, besides impact on brain, cause cachexia which contributes neither to erectile function in particular, nor to reproduction function in general. In such cases, to restore normal erection not only drug withdrawal is required, but also properly conducted recovery period.

Moreover, there are certain drugs, according to pharmacological classification of various groups that block peripheral nerve endings responsible for erection. Few people know, for example, that antihistamines, the most famous of which is diphenylhydramine, for this reason must not be applied for more than 10 days. If you are not indifferent to normal erection issue, before taking any prescribed medication ask your doctor if it causes such violations.