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Ventolin Inhaler Coupon Price: Cheap Way To Treat Asthma

Ventolin inhaler may be cheap if you buy a generic version of this asthma bronchodilator. Cheap Ventolin generic name is Asthalin with the same main component – Albuterol. The therapeutic effect is maintained. It is a fact that it is applied in bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and some other respiratory disorders. This inhaler is available with coupon discount – 10-% off every purchase. In such a way, the price is reduced considerably,…

Ventolin Inhaler During Pregnancy: Any Harm Possible?

[ithshop code=”ventolin” tpl=”short” page_id=”683″ dummy=”txt”] Nowadays, asthma does not provide any hindrance to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child. A woman during pregnancy should not under any circumstances experience asthma attacks, waiting for suffocation, because a lack of oxygen in the blood can destroy fetus development. To prevent this incidence, it is necessary to choose a medication that will encourage or completely copy with suffocation during asthma attacks. The most popular and…

Asthma Classification and Types

European Classification of Asthma Depending on causes of asthma attacks, there distinguish: atopic asthma – attacks are caused when allergen affects airways, coming from the external environment (pollen, mold, animal hair, tiny mites found in house dust); infection-dependent asthma – attacks are caused by factors such as infection, exercise, cold air, psycho-emotional stimuli; combined version of the disease – attacks can occur both when allergens affect respiratory tract and under the influence of the above…

Myths about Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic respiratory tract disease, which has a non-infectious origin and is accompanied by pronounced symptoms. This is the most common asthma definition. Asthma has a rather complicated mechanism of development. The disease can be inherited. It can also occur at the previously healthy man on the background of any internal changes in the body or under surrounding environment factors influence. The occurrence of asthma is associated with changes in bronchial reactivity and…

Hypnosis for Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic allergic inflammatory airways disease, at which their sensitivity to many stimuli increases; the main manifestation of the disease is more or less paroxysmal bronchial capacity disorders, which is clinically expressed in repeated episodes of breathlessness, wheezing and coughing. The number of people suffering from this diseases can impress anyone – at least 300 million people (5 to 15% of the world population). Over the past 15 years, the number of…

Mixed Asthma Type: Definition, Clinical Picture, Classification, Treatment

The mixed form of asthma is a type of asthma, which etiology combines atopic (allergic) and non-allergic factors. Most often mixed type occurs as atopic but with bacterial sensitization. Exacerbating factors can be other non-allergic causes: poisoning, stress, endocrine disease, etc.
mixed asthma essence

Clinical Picture

The mixed form of the disease is characterized by acute polymorphism, progressive development, seizures increased in frequency and duration with a high probability of transition to asthmatic condition, problems with relieving attacks. The possibility of complications increases: pneumothorax, pulmonary heart disease, atelectasis. The clinical picture of mixed asthma often points to the prevalence of bacterial nature of bronchial sensitization. There is a direct link between hypothermia and aggravation of background infectious diseases, and aggravation itself has signs of infection such as asthma symptoms (low-grade fever, the general intoxication of the body).

At the same time, additional sensitization, caused by allergens that are not related to infection, leaves its mark on disease course. In between long asthma attacks of infectious nature there appear severe allergic, but short-term, symptoms such as severe dyspnea without changing body temperature. Such exacerbations are easily eliminated by receiving bronchodilators.

People affected by the mixed type of asthma, observe multiple foci of infection: in the pulmonary system, ENT-system, digestive organs. At the same time causes of atopic type are determined: genetic predisposition, allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis, dermatitis), drug and other types of allergy. Peripheral blood composition shows features of this disease type. Blood serum analysis reveals elevated levels of IgE and specific antibodies content, content and decrease of T-lymphocytes, T-suppressor is observed.

Pathology Classification

Asthma classification is made taking into account disease course severity and main feature severity (suffocation). The degree of respiratory failure (degree of status asthmaticus) is divided into 3 phases:

  1. Mild phase. Dyspnea occurs only during walking, no difficulties with speech.
  2. Middle phase. Dyspnea is noticeable during speaking, discomfort in lying position, which makes it necessary to sit, without additional inhale only short sentences can be said.
  3. Severe phase. Respiratory insufficiency at rest, necessity to inhale arises after 1 – 2 spoken words, forced posture – sitting leaning forward.

Disease severity is divided into the following categories:

Step 1: episodic (intermittent) form. Attacks occur during the day not more than 4 times per month, and at night – 2 times a month, aggravation has a short duration.

Step 2: mild persistent form, when day exacerbations appear 2 – 7 times a week, night attacks – more than 2 times a month, there is insomnia due to breathing, problems with physical activity.

Stage 3: persistent mixed type asthma of moderate severity, at which day-time attacks happen every day, at night – more than 1 time in 4 days, there is a decrease in physical activity.

Stage 4: severe persistent asthma (repeated exacerbations during the day, frequent nocturnal attacks, significant deterioration in general health condition and reduced working capacity).

Disease Diagnosis

The doctor makes a primary diagnosis by characteristic dyspnea and respiratory failure after examination and studying anamnesis. Pathology differentiation by its type is carried out by therapist, pulmonologist and allergist. X-rays, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, spirometry, peakflowmetry (peak expiratory flow) are conducted to establish the final diagnosis. It is mandatory to carry out blood and sputum laboratory tests. Sometimes skin tests are carried out to establish the type of allergen.

Pathology Treatment

Mixed asthma treatment is carried out by methods using an integrated approach. Therapy is carried out in two directions: symptomatic and systematic.

Primary role is played by an attack and respiratory failure elimination, removing inflammatory reactions, asthma complications prevention.

Symptomatic Therapy

Drugs for symptomatic treatment provide spasms elimination (bronchodilators) and normalization of bronchial patency. The following products are recommended for such tasks:

  • glucocorticosteroids (triamcinolone, prednisolone, dexamethasone);
  • beta2-agonists of rapid action (salbutamol, terbutaline);
  • antiholin-energetics (ipratropium bromide);
  • short-acting theophylline.

For rapid relief of sudden attacks, mentioned means are applied in the form of aerosols and inhalers. They should have rapid action and remove aggravation within a few minutes. For quick relief, the concentration of active ingredients in preparations is significantly increased. In connection with some of their toxic effects, an application is allowed only in case of emergency.

mixed asthma treatmentSystemic Therapy

Basic treatment is carried out with long-acting preparations. They do not have an instant effect and are intended for long-term course application. Systemic therapy is carried out by the following means:

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nedocromil and sodium cromoglicate);
  • aerosol corticosteroids (triamcinolone acetonide, budesonide, fluticasone propionate);
  • long-acting beta2-agonists (salmeterol);
  • leukotriene receptor antagonists (montelukast, zafirlukast).

In addition to drug therapy for mixed asthma treatment of moderate severity therapeutic acupressure massage, special breathing exercises, physical therapy are actively used. They relieve asthma attacks, help normalize breathing.

Sports for Asthmatics

People with asthma are more likely to suffer from increased sensitivity of the respiratory system. Intense exercise can cause dyspnea and coughing with sputum discharge, so asthmatics can do in for not all kinds of sports. However, asthma is not an obstacle for active lifestyle – just follow some rules.

Asthmatics Life Duration

How long do asthmatics live? It is quite difficult to give a particular answer to this question because in each case the disease is different. Life duration of these patients depends on timely asthma treatment and serious attitude to the disease. The statistics confirm that among patients suffering from bronchial asthma disability (within the first 5 years) and death are observed quite rarely. Such cases are a result of long and low-grade disease symptoms and…

Cold Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Cold allergy is an allergy caused by cold. This disorder is caused by cold strengthened by wind. Cold Allergy Causes But for all that, cold is the triggering mechanism, which causes immune failures body’s cells, which subsequently expressed in violation of their integrity and rapid histamine release, accompanying allergic reactions. Also causes enhancing cold allergy may be: genetic predisposition; the intoxication of the whole organism; chronic infections, such as tonsillitis, pyelonephritis, tooth decay; worms; gastrointestinal…

Causes of Psychological Asthma

Breathing is life. Why, then, there are situations when our body refuses to breathe, simply depriving us of opportunity not just to function normally, but actually jeopardizing our very existence? Let’s understand in detail what psychological causes of asthma there are and mechanism of its development. After learning a little more about the painful situation, we have a real chance to change something in our lives. Asthma is one of the most dangerous types of allergies . It…