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Asthma Types (Classification) by My Canadian Pharmacy

European Classification of Asthma Depending on causes of asthma attacks, there distinguish: atopic asthma – attacks are caused when allergen affects airways, coming from external environment (pollen, mold, animal hair, tiny mites found in house dust); infection-dependent asthma – attacks are caused by factors such as infection, exercise, cold air , psycho-emotional stimuli ; combined version of the disease – attacks can occur both when allergens affects respiratory tract and under the influence of the above factors.

My Canadian Pharmacy Reveals Myths about Asthma

Myths and Facts about Asthma Bronchial asthma is a chronic respiratory tract disease, which has non-infectious origin and is accompanied by pronounced symptoms. This is the most common asthma definition. Asthma has a rather complicated mechanism of development. The disease can be inherited. It can also occur at previously healthy man on the background of any internal changes in the body or under surrounding environment factors influence. Occurrence of asthma is associated with changes in bronchial […]

My Canadian Pharmacy: Asthma Treatment with Hypnosis

Bronchial asthma disease name comes from a Greek word – asthma – forced breathing. Modern definition is as follows: bronchial asthma is a chronic allergic inflammatory airways disease, at which their sensitivity to many stimuli increases; main manifestation of the disease is more or less paroxysmal bronchial capacity disorders, which is clinically expressed in repeated episodes of breathlessness, wheezing and coughing. The number of people suffering from asthma to date can impress anyone – at […]

My Canadian Pharmacy about Symptoms and Treatment of Mixed Asthma Type

Asthma is considered a very dangerous disease, and mixed asthma is one of the most complex forms of asthmatic diseases. Fear of unexpected attack of suffocation is patient’s destiny. The disease is quite common throughout the world and can affect people at any age, even a small child. Modern treatment methods allow to effectively fight the disease, it is crucial to start this treatment timely, not waiting for severe condition.

Sports for Asthmatics

People with asthma are more likely to suffer from increased sensitivity of the respiratory system. Intense exercise can cause dyspnea and coughing with sputum discharge, so asthmatics can do in for not all kinds of sports. However, asthma is not an obstacle for active lifestyle – just follow some rules.

Asthmatics Life Duration

How long do asthmatics live? This question is raised by many patients with bronchial asthma. It is quite difficult to give a particular answer to this question because in each case the disease is different. Life duration of these patients depends on timely asthma treatment and serious attitude to the disease from the patient himself. My Canadian Pharmacy ( ) statistics confirm that among patients suffering from bronchial asthma disability (within the first 5 years) […]

Cold Allergy: Symptoms and Treatment

Golden autumn is slowly coming to the end, and here is winter coming into their rights. For someone this time is so wonderful and amazing, miraculous and unforgettable. And someone it brings continuous surprises, that for most people results in diseases caused by viral infections, and at some «lucky» people such exotic problem as allergy to cold appears. And it is worth noting that over time such incidents occur with increasing frequency. It is difficult […]

Psychological Asthma Causes

Breathing is life. Why, then, there are situations when our body refuses to breathe, simply depriving us of opportunity not just to function normally, but actually jeopardizing our very existence? Let’s understand in detail what psychological causes of asthma there are and mechanism of its development. After learning a little more about painful situation, we have a real chance to change something in our lives. Asthma is one of the most dangerous types of allergies . It manifests […]

Canadian Serevent for Asthma Treatment

Types of Drugs for Asthma Treatment At therapeutic treatment of bronchial asthma disease, drugs are divided into two main types. Drugs of the first group are commonly used to eliminate asthmatic bronchial spasm. These bronchodilators, familiar to all asthmatics, are issued in the form of inhalers and in the form of pills or capsules. When patient with asthma receives only these drugs, occasionally he cannot cope with attacks, and has to call an ambulance, and […]

Canadian Pharmacy Advair: Side Effects and Contraindications

Canadian Pharmacy Advair is a combined drug, which includes glucocorticosteroid fluticasone and salmeterol – a substance that dilates bronchi. Salmeterol inhibits early and late allergic reactions, inhibits bronchi hyperactivity. Fluticasone reduces inflammation when inhaled, reduces disease recurrence and symptoms severity. According to Advair reviews, even at prolonged use, in spite of glucocorticosteroid, daily adrenal cortex hormone production rate at adults and children is normal.