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Symptoms of Diabetes: What to pay Attention to

Diabetes is the reason why it is necessary to keep to diet, constantly monitor blood sugar level, take medications on time and worry about such disease consequences as coma, blindness or legs amputation. But you can lead active lifestyle with diabetes. The main thing is not to miss the beginning of the disease. What is Diabetes and its Types? Diabetes is a chronic disease, which is associated with metabolic disorders, namely with insulin. Insulin is […]

13 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Enough Sleep

Many of us suffer from sleep disorders: can not fall asleep for a long time or wake up with great effort. Scientifically proven methods will help to get rid of this problem. 1. Determine how Much you Need to Sleep We are all different: according to chronotype, people are divided into «larks» (early sleepers), «owls» (late sleepers) and «pigeons» (middle type). Working schedule, typically does not consider individual biorhythms: traditionally offices open at 8 – […]