Myths and Truth about Hormonal Contraception

Can I smoke and what products should I refuse from when taking birth control pills? Is it true that they increase possibility of developing breast cancer and reduce fertility? We gathered in one place everything you need to know about hormonal contraception.

Hormonal Contraceptives can Provoke Breast Cancer

Partly true. Women with breast cancer or with confirmed genetic predisposition to this disease should not take hormonal contraceptives. On the other hand, according to numerous My Canadian Pharmacy studies, if you take COCs (combined oral contraceptives) for three to five years or more, then risk of endometrial and uterine cancer is reduced by 50%, ovarian cancer – by 40%, and also there are significantly lower chances of colon cancer. According to doctors (and most of them are very positive about contraceptive pills), women at long-term use of low-dose COCs complain about fibro-cystic mastopathy almost by 40% less. There is an opinion that the longer you take the pills, the stronger the protective properties of these drugs are – unless, of course, you are concerned about side effects of COCs.myth and facts about contraception

When you Stop Taking Canadian Birth Control Pills, Menstrual Cycle may Stop or become Irregular

Rarely. Violations of menstrual cycle are most often associated with atrophic changes in endometrium. This can happen if you have been taking COCs for at least five years. In this case, doctors prescribe estrogen therapy, which, as a rule, quickly recovers the cycle. As studies show, only in 2% of women aged either up to 18 – 20 years, or after 40 – 45 years after stopping using COCs menstruation may not appear for more than six months, and more often these women have other health problems.

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Birth Control Pills can be Taken Together with Other Medications

Not always. Besides, some antibiotics, such as rifampin, amoxicillin and doxycycline, reduce effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

If you Take Hormonal Contraceptives, Smoking is Very Dangerous

True. Cigarette smoking increases risk of the most common side effects of hormonal contraception – problems with cardiovascular system. You risk getting varicose veins, thrombosis, even blood stroke. If you already have problems with blood vessels, you smoke, you are more than 35 years old, look for alternative ways. By the way, smoking marijuana while taking COC is less dangerous than cigarettes: it contains minimum of nicotine. But this does not mean that marijuana is useful, it reduces efficiency of brain functioning.

It’s not Necessary to Take Pills at the Same Time.

True. But still try to stick to the interval of 12 o’clock, not more. It is best to tie pills to a daily routine like breakfast.

Taking Pills, you should not Drink Grapefruit Juice

True. Better replace it with orange. Although grapefruit juice does not reduce effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives, it can alter body’s response to estrogens or interact with enzymes that affect effectiveness of certain medicines. Among doctors, there is an opinion that if you drink more than two glasses of grapefruit juice a day, then some side effects of hormonal contraceptives – for example, pain in mammary glands – can intensify.

From Canadian Pharmacy Birth Control Pills you get Fat

Rarely. From the first hormonal contraceptives women actually gained weight, but modern drugs contain small doses of hormones, and, as studies show, almost none gain weight from them. On the contrary, some COCs even contribute to weight loss. But contraceptives can provoke accumulation of fluid in tissues before menstruation, from which body weight actually increases. Therefore, if you decide to protect yourself with COCs, it is very important to find your «own» pill – to choose dosage of hormones that will suit you depending on your hormonal balance and health in general.

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After Long Reception of Contraceptives it is Difficult to Become Pregnant

Not yet known. Some doctors are of the opinion that atrophic changes in reproductive system caused by hormonal contraceptives, subsequently reduce fertility. On the other hand, ability to conceive with age decreases without contraceptives. A recent study of 8497 couples where women stopped taking pills and decided to become pregnant showed that it is easier to conceive a baby in the first year after stopping using COCs. The reasons: ovaries during reception of pills «rest», as there is no ovulation, plus hormonal background normalizes and risk of endometriosis decreases. In the near future in Europe, new hormone pills with folic acid should be on sale, which will be prescribed to those who are considering becoming a mother in about six months.

Because of Hormonal Pills, you Want Less Sex and Have Headaches

True. These side effects of COCs have not been canceled, but, according to doctors, by correctly picking up pills this problem can be avoided. It is believed that some hormonal contraceptives of the last generation, on the contrary, have beneficial effect on nervous system and activate sexual fantasies, and also have rejuvenating effect on many body systems.

Pills are the Safest Contraceprive Method

A controversial issue. Recently, hormonal injections are gaining popularity, action of which lasts 8 – 12 weeks depending on composition – a combination of estrogen and progestin or only progestin. But results of recent studies by My Canadian Pharmacy have shown that side effects of birth control shots – for example, problems with bones or with vascular system – may be stronger than from pills. Also on the market there are birth control patches and vaginal rings. Both of them, after consulting a doctor, can be used independently, changing every seven days. Hormone-containing coil is an individual case. Often it is put (time of its operation is up to five years) not so much for the sake of protection, but for therapeutic purposes.Hormonal Contraception

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How He has to Protect

Male birth control pills already exist! American doctors have established that hormonal drug Depo-Provera, which is prescribed to women as contraceptive injections (they are made four times a year), also affects men: they prevent formation of sperm, but does not spoil orgasm. Other «candidates» are androgen-replacing gels (Testim or AndroGel): they have already shown successful results in clinical trials. But these preparations have not yet been licensed – in particular, because when they are taken, production of sperm by the body stops not by 100% and there is a chance of «leakage». Now there are conducted experiments on creation of a new generation of male contraceptive gel, but it will be on sale in the best case in ten years. Sociologists, analyzing the demand, said that the first one to patent male contraceptive would instantly become a billionaire.