Effect of Hormonal Contraceptives on Future Pregnancy

Women with breast cancer or with confirmed genetic predisposition to the disease should not take hormonal contraceptives. On the other hand, according to data of My Canadian Pharmacy numerous studies, if you take COCs (combined oral contraceptives) during three to five years or more, risk of endometrial and uterine cancer is reduced by 50%, ovarian cancer – 40%, as well as chances of colon cancer are significantly lowered.

Birth Control Pills and PregnancyAccording to doctors – and most of them think about contraceptive pills very positively – at long-term administration of low-dose COCs, women are almost 40% less likely to complain of fibrocystic breast disease. It is believed that the longer you take pills, the stronger protective properties of these drugs are – if you are, of course, do not observe birth control pills side effects. Effect of hormonal contraceptives on future pregnancy – this is the main subject of this article.

1. When you Stop Taking Pills, Menstrual Cycle may Stop or be Severely Disrupted

Very rarely. Menstrual disorders are most commonly associated with atrophic endometrial changes. This can happen if you have been taking COCs for at least five years. In this case, doctors prescribe estrogen therapy, which usually restores cycle pretty quickly. My Canadian Pharmacy studies show that only in 2% of women aged under 18 – 20 years or over 40 – 45 years after COCs withdrawal menstruation can not appear for more than six months – and often these women have other health problems.

2. Contraceptive Pills can be Taken Simultaneously with Other Medications

Not always. In addition, certain antibiotics – such as rifampin, amoxicillin and doxycycline – reduce of oral contraceptives effectiveness.

3. If you are Taking Hormonal Contraceptives, Smoking is Very Dangerous

True. Cigarette smoking increases risk of most common side effects of hormonal contraception – problems with cardiovascular system. You risk to obtain varicose veins, thrombosis, even blood stroke. If you already have problems with blood vessels, you are a smoker, you are over 35 years old – look for alternative methods. By the way, smoking marijuana, when taking COCs, is less dangerous than cigarettes – it contains minimal amount of nicotine. But this does not mean that marijuana is useful – it reduces brain functioning efficiency.

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4. It is not Necessary to Take Pills

At the same time of the day – true. But still try to adhere to interval of 12 hours, not more. It is better to attach pills intake to some daily routine procedure like breakfast.

5. While Taking Pills, you can not Drink Grapefruit Juice

True. It is better to replace it with orange. Although grapefruit juice doesn’t reduce hormonal contraceptives effectiveness, it can alter body’s response to estrogens or interact with enzymes that influence certain drugs effectiveness. Among doctors there is an opinion that if you drink more than two glasses of grapefruit juice a day, some of side effects of hormonal contraceptives – such as pain in breasts – are likely to worsen.

6. Women Rarely get Fat from Birth Control Pills

First hormonal contraceptives really caused weight gain at women, but modern preparations contain low doses of hormones, and, as Canadian Pharmacy research shows, they are virtually do not provoke weight gaining. On the contrary, some of COCs even contribute to weight loss. But contraceptives may provoke accumulation of fluid in tissues before menstruation, from which body weight actually increases. So if you have decided to protect yourself by using COCs, it is very important to find «your» pills – choose dosage of hormones that is right for you depending on your hormonal balance and overall health.

7. After Long-Term Use of Contraceptives it is Difficult to Conceive

Not yet known. Some doctors have an opinion that atrophic changes in reproductive system, caused by hormonal contraceptives, subsequently impair fertility. On the other hand, ability to conceive reduces with age without contraceptives. A recent study which included 8497 couples where woman stopped taking pills, having decided to become pregnant, showed that during the first year after COCs withdrawal it is much easier to conceive a child. Reasons: ovaries when receiving pills are «at rest», also there is no ovulation, plus hormonal balance normalizes and risk of endometriosis reduces. In the near future in Europe new hormonal pills with folic acid should be released, which will be prescribed to those who are thinking about becoming a mother about six months later.

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How can He protect himself

Male contraceptive pills already exist! American physicians have found that hormonal preparation «Depo-Provera», which is prescribed to women as contraceptive injections (they are made four times a year), also acts on men: prevents sperm formation, but does not spoil orgasm. Other «candidates» – androgen-replacing gels (Testim or AndroGel): they have shown successful results in clinical trials. However, license for these drugs is not yet received – in particular, because after their reception, body stops sperm production not by 100% and there is possibility of «leak». Now there are experiments on creating new generation of male contraceptive gel, but it will go on sale in almost ten years. Sociologists have analyzed demand and said that the first person to patent male contraceptive would instantly become a billionaire.

8. Because of Hormonal Pills Libido Decreases and Headaches Appear

True. These side effects of COCs has not disappeared, but, according to My Canadian Pharmacy, choosing proper pills, this problem can be avoided. It is believed that some hormonal contraceptives of last generation, on the contrary, have beneficial effect on nervous system and stimulate sexual fantasies and have rejuvenating effect on many body systems.

9. Pills are the Safest Way of Protection

Birth Control Pills and Pregnancy

Controversial question. Recently hormonal injections are gaining popularity, effect of which lasts 8 – 12 weeks depending on composition – combination of estrogen and progestin or progestin only. However, recent studies have shown that side effects of injections – such as problems with bones or vascular system – may be stronger than in case of pills. Also there are contraceptive patches and vaginal rings on the market. Both after consultation with doctor can be used independently, changing every seven days. Hormone-containing coil is a special case. It is often put (its duration – up to five years), not so much for protection as for medicinal purposes. It should be said – homeopathic means of contraception do not exist. Because one of homeopathy main tasks is to maintain fertility, help women who want and need to have children. If patients who can not get pregnant visit doctor, he tries to solve this problem by using homeopathic remedies. But it happens that patients come with a completely different problem. For example, a woman has endometriosis or swelling. She’s forty. She give up for lost on children. She is treated and suddenly she gets pregnant. Miracle? In no case. It can be explained like this: homeopathic medicines are not drugs in the ordinary way. They do not serve to destroy bacteria, are not applicable for replacement of missing substances in the body. In homeopathy there are no drugs for tumor, or common cold, or infertility. The purpose of homeopathy is to restore natural self-regulation of all body systems, including normalization of hormonal balance, so that a woman then could easily get pregnant. And in this case – not to cause side effects, which can not be avoided in conventional therapies, including hormonal, which has lots of contraindications. Here are just some of them: breast, liver and biliary tract diseases, thrombophlebitis, hypertension, rheumatism, diabetes.

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