Dangers of Hormonal Contraceptives with My Canadian Pharmacy

Risk of taking hormonal contraceptives – weight gain, impaired fat metabolism, thrombosis, migraines, uterine cancer. List of harmful effects of hormonal contraceptives is so great that we will focus only on main. All means to prevent ovulation contain synthetic female hormones and, among others, steroid hormones, which, even at low doses, as a result of introduction into general human hormonal system, have a major impact on women’s physiology. Given all this, it is easy to understand, what serious consequences it may cause.

Actually, for the first time in the history of medicine preparations, which so strongly affect pituitary gland, midbrain, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, liver, metabolism and general blood supply system, could have no side effects.

Nature always revenges for interference from the outside . And could it be otherwise, when synthetic steroid hormones influence course of vital processes in human body and its functions, and often even change it?

birth control pills

Despite the fact that we now know that man consists not only of body but of unity of body, soul and spirit, all interventions in human body and natural rhythm of life extraordinarily diverse. And in case of the pills it is nothing more than intervention into a complete whole.

Today, we possess reliable information about results of scientific researches in many countries in different parts of the world, also independent of each other, that such method of contraception can not be considered as one, meeting requirements of natural interference in the body.

Risks of Hormonal Contraceptives


In all memos on hormonal contraception among listed complications first place is taken by risk of thrombosis. It is especially great when taking mini-pills of latest generation, containing only gestogen. Thrombosis formation is connected not only with synthetic estrogen. Synthetically produced progestogen causes so much risk of thrombosis that German Ministry of Health due to associated health risks announced warning about use of these means to the public, but it was immediately invalidated by manufacturers of pills.

Blood Clotting

Today it is known that synthetic estrogen activates fibrinogen, prothrombin, factor-X and plasminogen. About synthetic gestogen it is known that it lowers vessel walls tone. Therefore, changed vessels can also explain occurrence of thrombosis and thromboembolism, increased blood clotting, slow blood flow, especially in case of nicotine addiction, advanced age, varicose veins or multiple labours. Therefore contraindication to use pills is considered already transferred thromboembolic diseases, varicose veins, high blood pressure.

Carbohydrate Metabolism

My Canadian Pharmacy has proven that many women in connection with taking birth control pills observe increased average level of insulin in blood and reduced glucose tolerance. It has a very special effect on receiving high-dose preparations. Therefore, presence of prediabetic metabolism, latent or distinct diabetes is a contraindication to receiving pills. It is also known that primarily gestogen component of hormonal contraceptives has effect on carbohydrate metabolism.

Fat Metabolism

Violation of fat metabolism in all developed countries is such a frequent disease that it should be prevented in advance at early stage, in order not to transfer into arterial calcification, blood strokes and heart attacks. Since hormonal contraceptives have direct impact on increased fat level in the body, women with impaired lipid metabolism should not take hormonal contraceptives. Synthetic estrogen and gestogen change lipid and lipoprotein metabolism.

Hepatic Metabolism

Like other steroids, hormonal contraceptives give load on liver. There are transaminase changes in liver, increased disorders in liver outflow system, and through electron microscope changes in fine structure of hepatic arch can be seen, which in extreme cases can lead to cholestasis.


Medical literature indicates that while taking classic two-phase drugs, risk of endometrial cancer increases. Also My Canadian Pharmacy specialists take into account relationship of hormonal contraceptives with breast cancer occurrence at increasingly young age. Cases of hepatic adenomas are significantly more frequent with taking synthetic steroid hormones.


Synthetic estrogen is able to prevent cerebral tryptophan metabolism and cause depression. There are decreased sexual desire, fatigue and complete loss of sexual desire, but in many cases, increased sexual desire.


Daily topic for discussion for doctors is high incidence of severe migraine headaches when taking pills. It is officially considered as a side effect.

Weight Gain

Estrogen causes salt and water accumulation in the body, and therefore there is a strong increase in weight during first 6 months after beginning to take pills. Estrogen increases appetite and leads to more food consumption, and consequently to long-term weight gain.

Friendly Environment for Infections

chlamydiae Steroids create a favorable environment for all infections, as well as hormonal contraceptives cause increased toxicity and aggression of latent infections, especially in urogenital area, which later after inflammation of fallopian tubes cause long-lasting infertility. Basically, when receiving pills chlamydial infection activation predominates.

Summary of all Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Since Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC) – basic postulate of all physicians is the rule: do not destroy human life and do no harm to any person. This rule – nonmaleficence – as practice of tragic cases of taking birth control pills, is easy turn a blind eye to, because harm is caused to many people, not to mention the fact that murdering a human at early embryonic stage harms entire peoples, taking into account large-scale of the phenomenon. Uncontrolled use of Canadian Pharmacy birth control pills leads to nations genocide. We delete ourselves from the history.