My Canadian Pharmacy: How does Sport Affect Potency?

Sport impact on potency depends on its type, regularity and difficulty of exercises, for example, professional or amateur level of exercises, and other factors, which are discussed below.

Sport as a Way of Healing Body

Sports activities effectively affect human body, thus it becomes stronger. For example, aerobic exercises such as jogging, swimming, rope jumping and any kind of exercises may contribute to cardiovascular muscle workout, while body is saturated with oxygen, lung function improves, any body work is activated. But potency directly affects overall health, so to increase it, it is better to maintain healthy lifestyle.


However, there are sports that can negatively affect potency. These sports include chess, cycling and motor rally. Negative impact on potency can be posed by a longer stay in sitting position, which leads to blood circulation disruption in pelvic area, so potency may be affected. In particular, according to doctors, cycling has dangerous impact on potency.

Professional athletes, who are engaged in some kind of sports on professional level, have strong healthy body. Based on necessity, a professional athlete has to train every day, several workouts during a day. Before competition, trainings number increases. This approach to training enables athletes to develop their skills, but can damage their health. During intense exercises, potency of male athletes can greatly decrease. This is due to the fact that a large part of own forces the body has to spend on exercises and recovery from exhausting workouts. While, potency restoration needs breaks between workouts and good rest.

Which Kind of Sports to Choose?

Not satisfied with the results, My Canadian Pharmacy scientists put themselves the following question: how different kinds of sports activities can affect male potency – and here is the result of their research. Jogging or walking is quite effective as prevention or for potency recovery. Running is able to strengthen and restore circulatory system, in particular – in small pelvis. Doctors from United States have carried out extensive studies and found that exercises on «reclined» bike can contribute to blood rush to male genitals and at muscle training, which are responsible for potency. In addition, to preserve potency doctors give good recommendations to men: jogging, rope jumping and swimming.

An important point is that weightlifting exercises, i. e. fitness, even more contribute to testosterone production stimulation and affect potency, as compared to swimming or marathon running. However, it is impossible to compare effect of weightlifting exercises in this case with yoga. Since yoga is not just physical exercise but also a special diet system, meditation and so on. Therefore, yoga has positive effect on potency.

There is also retroaction. Any «sedentary» kinds of sports like chess, motor rally and so on may cause erectile dysfunction development. And about cycling there are still argues. According to medical scientists, there is no worse means for male potency than bicycle, in particular, with narrow saddle, but cyclists do not mention it and even argue the opposite. The most popular cyclists announced that none of them has problems with sex. Although no one expected any other answer, because they wouldn’t acknowledged it publicly.

Any representative of the stronger sex, having experienced difficulties in intimate sphere, prefers to keep silent about these problems than every second to talk about them. To date, at sexologists’ disposal there are the latest technologies to solve this old problem in a new, more natural way. Such as, for example, pulse-wave treatment. Low frequency waves affect problem area, thus it is possible to stimulate appearance and increase in blood vessels. Moreover, vessels in genital area carry far much more blood than it was previously. As a result most common cause of erectile dysfunction may disappear – lack of blood supply that in male genitalia, and in this case it is even possible not to use medicines. Method of pulse-wave therapy, also used in orthopedics – it is completely safe and proven.

Medicaments Effect

Let’s consider further how drugs, used by athletes to treat erectile dysfunction, act. Often professional athletes in order to improve their results are using sports doping. In particular, this trend has been widely developed in such sports as bodybuilding, powerlifting and armwrestling. Receiving such drugs as anabolic steroids becomes a cause of reduction of body’s own hormones production, which results in decreased potency. If then again cease to use steroids testes function of potency development over time begin to recover, but in severe cases hormone drugs abuse can cause complete dysfunction and it will be impossible to return its former condition.

Do not confuse ordinary sports nutrition and heavy hormonal preparations. For example, the same bodybuilders use protein – powder mixture with high content of proteins. Proteins in high-quality protein of plant origin have positive impact on the body. From the above it can be concluded that sport and potency are indivisible, but you need to carefully choose sports activities. Sport improves health and especially potency at men, if properly train and not overdo with exercise. At the same time, you need to eat well and have a good rest.