Interesting Facts About Erection. How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Interesting Facts About Erection. How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction-

Erection reflects the state of mental and physical health of a man. Erectile dysfunction has several degrees and affects every man at least several times in his life. Erectile dysfunction causes are stress, various diseases, relationship problems, troubles at work and others. Many drugs that increase potency help solve these problems. My Canadian Pharmacy has the most popular drugs for male potency in stock.

Erectile dysfunction occurs in a healthy man as a result of excessive alcohol, narcotic drugs and medications, nervous tension or fatigue. Some men believe that erection can either be full or completely absent – there is no intermediate link between these states. But this is not true.

You can perform sexual intercourse even if your erection is weak. A man can experience an orgasm during sex and with an weak penis. If erection is absent after drinking alcohol, there is no need to worry, since alcohol can depress erection or, on the contrary, increase sexual desire.

How to stay erect longer without pills?

To do this, pay attention to the psychological state of a man. The main reason for the lack of an erection is stress. Therefore, you need to gradually improve the psychological state of a man: to help him in difficult situations, to distract him from bad thoughts.

If you wonder how to stay erect longer naturally, you can use the following methods:

  1. Physical exercise is necessary to improve erection. In the daily routine, it is necessary to take a walk at a rapid pace, since movement prevents blood stagnation in the pelvic region. My Canadian Pharmacy recommends taking up to 3 km a day;
  2. Morning sex is good for increasing erection. It is in the morning, the body has the greatest amount of sex hormones, therefore erection is most powerful at this time;
  3. Walking barefoot. Foot has a large number of nerve endings, which are responsible for sexual arousal. Walking helps stimulate these endings. This exercise should be done at home: massage the feet with light movements;
  4. The regular contrast shower is good for blood circulation. To do this, you need to water the area of the pelvis with cool and later with warm water. This will increase blood flow to the penis, and good blood circulation in the genitals will provide a stable erection;
  5. One of the best ways of increasing erection is regular sex. In this case, the body reacts to stimulation reflexively. A man will get excited easily again and again.
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The physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are associated with medical problems. There are various diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. Such diseases include damage to the brain or spinal cord, damage to nerve endings, responsible for the process of excitation, circulatory disorders, prostate diseases, diabetes. This is an incomplete list of diseases that weaken erection. In this case, the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

How prolong intercourse time?

Premature ejaculation does not allow a man to get satisfaction from sex. You can prolong erection with the help of the following potency exercises. They are very simple and safe. You should remember that skill does not come immediately, it will take a certain amount of time. These are some methods:

  1. Inhalation. Premature ejaculation is caused by stress. A deep breath helps to get out of many difficult emotional situations. The negative point is that some men can’t prolong erection from the first time, this will require certain skills;
  2. Pinching the penis. To do this, you need to squeeze the sexual organ slightly at the moment you feel orgasm is coming and squeeze until this feeling recedes. This method prolongs erection and gives pleasure, because the sensation of orgasm occurs several times during one sexual intercourse;
  3. Pulling the testicles. The method is used at the very last moment before orgasm. At this time, the testicles are tightened and if they are pulled back, erection will last longer;
  4. The change of positions also prolongs sexual intercourse, as a man spends a certain amount of time on changing positions and briefly distracts;
  5. Retraction. This is a difficult way, which becomes effective as a result of some excercises. This requires trained muscles, which are located between the coccyx and the pubis. To delay ejaculation, you need to empty the bladder, strain and relax these muscles. To get better results, you need to train the muscles daily;
  6. A slight physical woman’s impact can help to prolong sexual intercourse, for example, a bite. This impact should not be tender, but effective and strong, but at the same time not too painful;
  7. Another way to prolong erection are thoughts of something sexually shocking. For each man these thoughts are individual – you can imagine that you are in bed with some acquaintance. That should distract you from sex for some time and prolong erection;
  8. Such thing as a condom also help to prolong sexual intercourse.
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Drugs for erectile dysfunction from My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy

Today, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is conducted with the help of various medications. The main cause of poor erection is a lack of blood flow to the genitals. Medications for erectile dysfunction renew qualitative circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis and strengthen erection.

These drugs do not harm the male reproductive system, they act only with sexual arousal.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment are divided into several types:

  • Bioactive additives. They are harmless, but ineffective;
  • Group of PDE5 inhibitors: Sildenafil (Viagra) (pills for regaining erection), Tadalafil (Cialis) (a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction) and Vardenafil (Levitra), used to stimulate erection. These drugs perform similar functions, but at the same time, have differences;
  • There are special vitamins for male potency;
  • Natural erectile dysfunction remedies.

Is impotence and erectile dysfunction the same?

Sexual failures are often called “impotence”. But it’s a bit wrong. Impotence is a condition in which a man is not able to have sex at all. This disease affects a small number of patients. Much more common term is “erectile dysfunction”, in which there are periodic erectile problems

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many diseases: alcohol abuse, diabetes, mental stress, smoking, hypertension and others. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common male sexual disorders.

You can prevent this disorder in the following ways:

  1. Doctors recommend that you eat properly and regularly, do sports and monitor your health;
  2. Never use narcotic drugs. Refuse or at least limit smoking and drinking alcohol;
  3. Have sex regularly;
  4. Pills for erection should be taken only in the accordance with the instructions, or on the advice of a doctor;
  5. If you have a injury in the groin or pelvic area, inform your doctor immediately.
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Every man should know foods that increase potency. These include: dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, vegetable soups, potato baked in the oven, wheat bread, greens, legumes, nuts, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, dates, liver, oysters, bananas, chocolate, caviar. Vitamins A, D, E, K are the best foods for male potency.

All medications for erectile dysfunction produce the maximum effect if combined with the healthy way of life. You can buy ED pills online in My Canadian Pharmacy.