Alcohol and Potency: Consequences

The fact that alcohol has negative impact on potency has long been known. Moreover, ancient physicians had even a saying that claim that wine can cause desire, but would deprive of opportunity to perform it. It is no secret that alcohol is a poison that has destructive effect on all systems and individual organs of human body.

And, male reproductive system is not an exception. At the same time there is a misconception that if men do not have to bear children, alcohol does not affect their health in intimate sphere. However, this is not entirely true.

Many male representatives are confident that small doses of alcohol have a positive effect on potency and increase sexual desire. This is true, but with a huge exception. To begin with, it should be remembered that alcohol intake should be minimal – for example, 1 – 2 glasses during evening before sexual intercourse. But regular consumption of alcoholic drinks subsequently leads to deterioration of body sexual system, reduced sexual desire and, in the end, to alcohol addiction.

alcohol and erectile dysfunctionSubsequently, drinking man even can obtain serious diseases and he will have to either find out what traditional remedies are used to treat chronic prostatitis or to visit a doctor and take medicines he will prescribe.

Alcohol Impact on Potency in Small Doses

Small amounts of alcohol can a little bit enhance attraction, help a man to feel more relaxed and increase sexual intercourse duration. As a rule, this method is used by inconfident men who possibly had a negative sexual experience. Over time, these men obtain a habit, and before each sexual contact, they use this method.

But few people think, what causes prolongation of sexual intercourse when drinking alcohol. In fact, body’s response to alcohol is fairly easy to predict – alcohol, exerting certain influence on nervous system, to some extent benumbs penis sensitivity. Gradually this habit leads to opposite effect – decreased sexual desire, and because of reduced penis sensitivity, over time impotence develops.

In addition, reduced sensitivity can cause problems with ejaculation. Not to mention the fact that habit of drinking alcohol before sex can lead not only to impotence but also to alcoholism, and in some cases – to prostatitis. By the way, it is noteworthy that this disease will require a serious and long-term treatment, and the best results are obtained by treatment of prostatitis with traditional remedies in combination with drugs prescribed by doctor.

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Disorders in the Organism

After analyzing exactly how alcohol affects human body, My Canadian Pharmacy specialists can with confidence say that alcohol and potency are incompatible things in sexual life.

To understand at what level problems with sexual intercourse appear at men, often consuming alcohol, it is necessary consider in detail which structures are suffering from its effects. After ingestion, all alcoholic beverages main component – ethyl alcohol – is absorbed into bloodstream and carried throughout the body. At the same time it has the most negative impact on nervous and reproductive systems.

Since alcohol is best absorbed by the body in areas where there is a lot of adipose tissue, it is not surprising that in the first place germ cells suffer from it. Under alcohol influence normal metabolic processes in the body at cellular level are disrupted, blood oxygen saturation is slowed, which leads to negative changes in cells themselves. Thus, under alcohol influence body’s cells stop performing their function fully or partially.

Immediately after drinking, alcohol dilates blood vessels in brain, thus contributing to excitation in some of its centers and parts. This mechanism causes sense of euphoria after taking alcohol, increased sexual activity, self-confidence and frivolity. However, due to the fact that the work of the brain is no longer controlled by the central nervous system and the chaotic work of the brain is no longer able to provide the normal sexual intercourse.

Alcohol Impact on Potency in Large Doses

When a man drinks more than recommended dose of alcohol (1 – 2 glasses per evening), he may have obvious difficulties with not only potency, but also with general male health. Gradually, time required for full excitation increases, problems with maintaining erection arise.

At chronic alcoholism sexual desire disappears completely, at least, it happens in most cases. Moreover, the quality of erection decreases significantly, and in future even male infertility development is possible. It is known that one of the most vulnerable to alcohol organs is liver. When it is destroyed as a result of regular alcohol consumption, a lot less sex hormones get into blood, which stimulates sexual weakness.

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Various studies were repeatedly conducted on this issue. And the results of these experiments indicate that at average degree of alcohol intoxication, potency at men is significantly reduced, and in some cases – is completely lost. Ultimately, the habit to drink anything alcoholic before each intimate contact leads to unfavorable consequences: alcoholism and persistent impotence.

According to My Canadian Pharmacy research, it is believed that 100 grams of vodka (40 grams of alcohol), taken all at once, cause mild degree of intoxication, at which a man is in cheerful mood. When taking 150 grams of vodka (60 grams of alcohol) at once, sexual desire increases. In reality, if a completely healthy man drinks at once 300 and more grams of vodka, then in such situation he can not experience sexual desire.

Regarding men who drink alcohol regularly, they observe persistent sexual dysfunction. First signs of this state are manifested in a few years after beginning to systematically drink various alcoholic beverages. And this contributes to devastating effect of alcohol components not only on nervous system, but also on various endocrine glands that regulate hormones.

Gradual Potency Reduction under Alcohol Influence

First, at regular alcohol consumption, wet and erotic dreams disappear, which at healthy men, not sexually active, appear periodically – about 1 – 2 times a month. Erection gradually weakens or disappears.

Usually, people, who regularly consume alcohol, believe that their “male power reduction” is related to fatigue and bad mood. If he is under alcohol influence, ejaculation does not occur for a long time or is absent at all. In addition, sensations also change – orgasm either disappears completely, or at the time of its onset pain appears. Instead of satisfaction and relaxation, a man feels weakness.

Over time, due to alcohol persistent impotence develops. Sometimes a man may feel strong emotional desire, desire to have sex, but those feelings quickly disappear. Over time, alcoholic becomes not only physically, but also mentally impotent.

Alcohol damages brain, and alcoholics don’t want anything, including sex. One of severely negative impact of alcohol on potency is the fact that body produces defective male sex cells, which eventually can lead to health problems at future child.

It is important to remember that there is also negative impact of alcohol on prostate and many other organs. Thus, relationship between prostatitis occurrence and excessive alcohol consumption is proved and grounded scientifically.

Alcohol Influence: Prostatitis

Negative effects from alcoholic beverages on prostate gland can be divided into several types, which differ in strength of impact on the body. For example, the fusel oils, contained in home-made wine, reduce potency, hop, contained in beer – slows testes function and provokes early signs of prostate disease, and various tonics, low-alcoholic and energy drinks are considered a real poison and exacerbate situation with disease if it already exist, or provoke its occurrence.

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From the above we can logically conclude that alcoholic drinks at prostatitis, consumed in large or unlimited quantities, can greatly reduce male sexual activity. But the main role here is played by dosage. So, science has proved that alcohol in moderate amounts can greatly reduce risk of cardiovascular system diseases, but double dose – on the contrary, increases it by many times.

alcohol and erectile dysfunction

Many men with this disorder think about question whether it is possible to drink beer at prostatitis. According to My Canadian Pharmacy officials experts, one glass of low-alcoholic beer can cause blood flow to pelvic organs, in particular, to prostate gland, which will even accelerate recovery. But abuse of this drink, on the contrary, provokes stagnation in prostate gland and exacerbates inflammatory process and disease in general. Thus, moderate amount of beer and prostatitis – things are quite compatible.

It is noteworthy that large amounts of alcohol are harmful for prostate. During treatment, doctor must be sure to inform patient about incompatibility of taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

In fact, prostatitis and alcohol may well “peacefully” coexist, the most important thing is that a man has to always control himself and not exceed permitted by doctor amount of alcohol.

In conclusion, it must be said that processes described above do not depend on each other, and we can not say that every drinking man necessarily gets sick, and non-drinking – will never know what impotence and prostatitis are. However, this information should be taken into consideration by every man who cares about his health and wants to enjoy his “male power” for a long time.