Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction Overview

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction

You know that smoking is a great problem of our society. Smoking affects both active and passive smokers. The first category is tormented by the issue of quitting smoking, and the second tries to protect itself from the influence of smoking society. Certainly, smoking harms both the male and female half of humanity, but in this article you will find answer to two questions: “Does smoking affect potency?” and “Can smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

Smoking strikes humanity

Everyone knows about the smoking dangers. Impotence can also be caused by this insidious habit. However, around 15 billion cigarettes are smoked every day around the world. According to studies, the share of smokers in the adult male population is about 60%. Nicotine dependence is costly to the owner of this harmful and addictive habit. Almost every third man in the world smokes, causing irreparable damage to his health (lung cancer, bad potency) and the health of his loved ones. About 3 million people die from their passion for smoking. With such trends, by 2020 about 10 million people in the world will die from smoking each year. The figure obtained when calculating all expenses (cigarettes, lighters, chewing gum) can discourage even the most inveterate smokers who do not even bother to quit smoking and start to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Annually the treatment of diseases associated with smoking (impotence, heart disease) takes 50 billion dollars. The world spends about 1% of GDP for the treatment of smoking addiction. But money does not measure the mental pain of a congenital defect. At the same time, tobacco companies are making huge profits from millions of deaths and diseases (lung cancer, impotence) caused by smoking cigarettes.

Smoking affects potency

Tobacco smoke contains about 5 thousand chemical compounds, 60 of which cause impotence: hydrocyanic acid, organic acids, carbon monoxide, ammonia, as well as a variety of toxic substances that adversely affect male health. They are for some reason not mentioned on TV.

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Healthcare organizaions have long been tired of repeating about the dangers of smoking. Scientists are engaged in the development of new drugs to quit smoking, psychologists write books on how to quit smoking cigarettes, healers use natural remedies to quit smoking. However, despite all the efforts, the number of smokers is increasing with each passing day.

Smoking can be considered the most terrible narcotic. The mortality rate from heroin and other “heavy” drugs is several times less. The availability and cheap price of cigarettes led to the fact that humanity got the most treacherous and dangerous enemy. What is especially dangerous, smoking affects potency and kills the healthy future of mankind.

Smokers often suffer from lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and erectile dysfunction. Smoking and potency have a close relationship. Smoking does not negatively affect the state of the cardiovascular system. Potency weakens due to the narrowing of the vessels of the pelvis. The latter are responsible for the flow of blood into the penis and potency. Smoking also leads to the fact that the walls of the blood vessels of the genital organ are clogged, negatively affecting male potency.

Smoking and potency are incompatible

Smoking and Potency are Incompatible

Smoking and potency are two incompatible phenomena. Numerous studies have shown a direct relationship between male potency and the number of cigarettes smoked. The experiments revealed that if you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day your chances for impotence increase by 60%.

Nicotine affects the endocrine glands, especially the adrenal glands. The latter are responsible for the release of the hormone-adrenaline into the blood, causing a spasm of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and increasing the heart rate. Affecting the sex glands, nicotine promotes the development of men’s sexual weakness – impotence.

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Smoking affects the reproductive function

Sex cells of men – spermatozoa – should be constantly updated, it takes about three months, but fans of smoking are waiting for negative changes that affect not only the morphology and activity of spermatozoa, but contribute to a decrease in the secretion of androgens, special hormones that affect the sexual desire of men. American experts conducted an experiment which proved that smoking addiction lowers the male reproductive function.

Scientists have conducted a special laboratory test showing the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. Two-thirds of chronic smokers could not pass this test. The sperm fertilization ability was lower by 75% in smokers compared with those who did not smoke.

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The conducted research confirms the link between of smoking and potency. It was proved that smokers enjoy sex about six times a month. However, the sexual activity of non-smokers is almost twice as large. The average duration of the sexual intercourse of smokers was only 4 minutes. It should be noted that all the couples who participated in the test tried to conceive a child. Sexual satisfaction was also assessed by the 10-point scale. Non-smokers got an average score of 8.7, and smokers got only 5.2. Smoking also shortens the life expectancy by 13 years in men, and about 15 years in women.

Surveys conducted in the Czech Republic and Poland also gave disappointing results – smoking and potency are interrelated. The survey showed that 45-year-old married men who smoke one cigarette a day have an average one sexual intercourse per week, the duration of which is 4 minutes. The non-smoking man has sex twice more often and with greater duration.

Smoker’s experience and potency

Smoking experience is also important. Potency depends on how long you have been smoking. So those who started smoking at the age of 20, will have signs of erectile dysfunction by the age of 40.

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Doctors state it if you quit smoking, potency will partially recover. An indisputable fact, potency may be increased by abstinence from smoking cigarettes for 5-7 hours before sex.

Does smoking really affect potency? Urologist’s opinion

Yes! – said the urologist from one famous Canadian clinic, – The cause of low potency in smokers is pathology, which is associated with smoking. If you doubt this, I will explain the mechanisms of the development of nicotine impotence. Its nature is very simple. Carbon monoxide which is released from tobacco smoke disrupts the processes of oxygen delivery to the body of a man. This exposes the blood vessels to serious lesions. The result is an occlusion that forms hypoxia (oxygen starvation) in the tissues of the penis. Atherosclerotic plaques develop on the walls of the vessels . The vessels of the penis are much thinner than the vessels of the heart muscle, so they are more quickly and more easily clogged. Which leads to deplorable results – erectile dysfunction and impotence. At the same time, nicotine and other poisons contained in cigarettes decrease the production of male sex hormones, the consequence is a decrease in sexual desire. ”

But if you are an experienced smoker, you will not be able to regain potency as soon as you quit smoking. To fully restore male potency after smoking, you will have to use special preparations that will help to solve erectile problems even in heavy smokers. You can buy drugs for smoking cessation online in My Canadian Pharmacy. Get rid of this detrimental habit and regain a full sexual life!