Loss of Erection during Sex

Such unpleasant phenomenon, as lack of excitement before sexual intercourse, is frustrating for man, and if it happens that erection is lost during sex – he is going through deep depression and considers it as a personal failure. It is also not easy for him to hide disappointment, so if unpleasant situation repeats for more than 1 – 2 times, it is necessary to visit a specialist without delays, because it can lead to serious consequences.

Unfortunately, doctors have concluded that such situation for men after 40 years is not uncommon, and even young men seek help when they face a similar problem. For many men this situation is complicated by the fact that their self-esteem and self-confidence dramatically decrease and many of them even refuse from sexual life, which entails serious consequences:

  • nervous system disorders;
  • problems in family or loss of partner;
  • disturbances in reproductive system functioning and others.

bad erection

It is clear that giving up sex, a man not only does not solve the problem but, on the contrary, play himself into a corner. There is a way out of such situation, but before you look for it, it is necessary to determine reasons which cause loss of erection during sex.

Reasons for Erection Weakening during Sexual Intercourse

Reasons, why any normal man’s erection may disappear in the midst of intimacy, physicians and My Canadian Pharmacy scientists divided into two groups: physiological and psychological.

Young inexperienced men are most likely to face this problem because of reasons of psychological nature. Due to overanxiety before first sex or sex with a new partner, a young man is nervous and worried, which is accompanied by a decrease or complete disappearance of erection. Physiological causes often occur at experienced and mature men, and they are usually caused by various diseases, fatigue and general malaise.

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Erectile dysfunction on a nervous background is provoked by:

  • depression, anxiety, frequent stress;
  • clear dissatisfaction with the process, expressed by the partner;
  • inferiority complex, low self-esteem;
  • overanxiety before or during sexual intercourse;
  • previous failures in sexual life.

A man begins to think about his health after problems in bed.

Doctors note that most often erection is lost during sex with men, uncertain in their abilities and capabilities. Erectile function is closely related to what a man thinks of himself, so disorder in sexual sphere depend on man’s evaluation of his abilities. Without experienced psychologist help, whom the patient can trust, this problem can not be solved.

A variety of genitourinary system diseases can weaken excitement. Physiological reasons also include overexcitement, which causes an unstable erection. Men’s failures often occur on the background of hormonal failure or because of certain drugs reception.

In addition to psychological and physiological reasons, My Canadian Pharmacy experts distinguish another group, which includes domestic reasons. They chase young and older men, regardless of health status and how successful a man is in bed. These reasons include:

  • heavy physical exercises;
  • overfatigue;
  • apathy;
  • frequent quarrels with a partner;
  • family and domestic troubles;
  • failures in professional activities;
  • frequent masturbation;
  • bad habits.

Methods of Erection Recovery

If an erection is weakened due to psychological reasons, it is recommended to do whatever is necessary to solve this problem. For this purpose you should take the following steps:

  • make an appointment with a good psychologist;
  • share your feelings with a woman who is ready to help a man to overcome his problem;
  • start self-analysis and try to understand your fears, get rid of self-imposed problems and complexes;
  • find methods to help yourself to gain confidence in your abilities.
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Those whose problems are associated with urogenital diseases or hormonal disturbances must undergo appropriate treatment to help to eliminate erectile dysfunction cause.

bad erectionThe hardest one is the case with domestic reasons, the salvation of which often requires to change your traditional way of life and is accompanied by loss, pain and disappointments. Many family problems can be solved if both partners want to save relationships and marriage. So couples should consult a family psychologist, a specialist in this field.

Quitting smoking and alcohol, healthy lifestyle, and moderate exercise will be the first step on the road to recovery, and first of all, it is recommended, to begin with usual lifestyle changes.

In order to achieve effective results and forget about what you feel when you lost erection during sex, consider the following recommendations:

  • do not forget about rest;
  • select the proper amount of sleep time;
  • reduce physical exercises;
  • avoid stress and worries;
  • trust your beloved woman and take her support;
  • engage in some sports;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • undergo full medical examination and, if necessary – treatment of identified diseases;
  • regularly have sex with a regular partner;
  • be confident and get rid of inferiority complex.

By changing a few habits and looking at yourself in a different way, any man can say goodbye forever to failures in the sexual sphere, gain confidence and learn how to bring joy to himself and his partner.