Asthmatics Life Duration

How long do asthmatics live? It is quite difficult to give a particular answer to this question because in each case the disease is different. Life duration of these patients depends on timely asthma treatment and serious attitude to the disease.

The statistics confirm that among patients suffering from bronchial asthma disability (within the first 5 years) and death are observed quite rarely. Such cases are a result of long and low-grade disease symptoms and more often at wrong treatment or extreme situations.


How to Live with Asthma?

Such patients usually require long-term treatment. Maintenance therapy can be carried out throughout the life. However, modern medications, which are suitable for patient’s individual specifics, allow almost completely neutralize disease’s manifestation.

Remeber that drugs used to treat asthma, as a rule, are potent and require caution at use. Therefore, what drugs to use and in what dosage should be determined only by attending physician. Besides, the only doctor is able to gradually reduce medicines dosage for more effective impact. This minimizes adverse reactions.

Asthma and smoking are absolutely incompatible. Nicotine activates asthma symptoms, which are expressed in a severe cough, mucus formation and wheezing. In addition, smoking provokes malignant tumors, emphysema, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and peptic ulcer disease.

Sudden Death at Bronchial Asthma

Few people know that there is such a diagnosis as «sudden death» at asthma attack exacerbation. Etiology of this phenomenon is poorly understood, but there is a number of predisposing factors and methods to increase the maximal duration of active life.

Asthma develops absolutely individual. Some patients keep an active lifestyle, comprehensively working and not feeling special discomfort. A number of patients become disabled and in certain cases, fatal outcomes are observed. Therefore, quite often questions arise about why one can live with this disease until old age, while others do not live up to 40 years?

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History indicates that in the early centuries asthma was considered severe enough, but not lethal, though deaths are described in medical journals. For example, at the beginning of the XX century, there are descriptions of not more than 100 deaths of patients, where in 1/5 of cases death came from concomitant diseases, completely not interrelated with asthma symptoms.

Today situation has worsened. Every year up to 2 million of asthmatics die, among them, sudden death from asthma is observed. Of course, as with any disease, asthmatics, unfortunately, die, but keep in mind that statistics take into account all patients, including those who live in poor countries and for some reason, do not go to doctors.

In addition, contrary to existing stereotypes about a limitation of physical activity at asthma, we can surely say that physical exercise helps strengthen respiratory muscles.

Preventive Measures

Bronchial asthma is considered to be serious enough, but thanks to preventive measures and adequate treatment it is possible to achieve long-term remission.

To do this, the following conditions must be followed:

Place of Living

It is recommended to live in a room where there is no furs and carpets, as such things accumulate a huge amount of dust, which can cause acute allergic attack and suffocation.


It is recommended to use only synthetic blankets and pillows, which are recommended to periodically wash and ventilate. Bedclothes are desirable to be made of pure cotton, it improves air circulation and allows the skin to breathe better.

Humidity Level

It is necessary to monitor humidity in the room, which should not be lower than 50%. This creates the most comfortable conditions for the patient.

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They may be an asthmatic disease «provokers». Their metabolic products (hair, saliva, etc.) can cause severe allergic reactions. In addition, it is not recommended to asthmatics to have aquariums and plants near them, as allergens can be considered fish feed, as well as mold spores which may be present in flower pots.

Inhalation Spray

Everyone with asthma should have a spray for inhalation, which is prescribed by a doctor. This first aid bronchodilator should always be at hand. In the mild form of the disease, one inhalation is enough when asthma attack begins.


In other cases, it not only bronchodilators can be used but also anti-inflammatory drugs as asthma development is usually caused by allergic inflammation. These drugs are used for a long time, but they can help to achieve asthma control, which is important.

Patients with asthma should visit spas and resorts without abrupt climatic changes. Desirably, resting place should not be too humid or dry, it is better to relax in such climate zone, which does not cause stress to the body.

Asthmatic diseases are among the most common. However, with the proper approach, these patients may live as long as ordinary healthy people. The only thing that is required is compliance with treatment regimen and recommendations of attending physician. Only in this case, it is possible to avoid negative consequences and live a full life.