Side Effects and Contraindications of Canadian Ventolin Inhaler

Canadian Ventolin Inhaler Side Effects

salbutamolSalbutamol (Canadian Ventolin) may cause slight tremor of skeletal muscles, which is usually most pronounced in hands and is considered to be typical side effect of adrenoreceptor agonists. Occasionally, patients have headache, peripheral blood vessels expansion and slight compensatory heart rate increase.  There may develop but very rarely hypersensitivity reactions:

  • angioedema;
  • urticaria;
  • bronchospasm;
  • hypotension;
  • collapse;
  • muscle cramps;
  • tachycardia.

Inhaled medicines may cause paradoxical bronchospasm. Paradoxical bronchospasm should be immediately arrested with a different formulation of Canadian Ventolin inhaler or other bronchodilator fast-acting inhalation. You should immediately discontinue Ventolin inhaler use, estimate patient’s condition, conduct necessary examinations and medical screenings and prescribe appropriate treatment.
Inhaled medicines may cause oral mucosa and pharynx irritation.

Therapy with agonists beta 2-adrenergic receptors can sometimes cause hypokalemia, which may cause serious danger to patient.
Like other beta 2-adrenergic agonists, salbutamol can sometimes cause mental excitement and increase motor activity in children.
In patients with a predisposition to arrhythmia development salbutamol may cause cardiac arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia and extrasystoles.

Ventolin Inhaler Contraindications

There are four main contraindicated points while taking Canadian Ventolin. Be attentive and read the article to get to know more about these aspects.
They are:

  1. Hypersensitivity to any drug component.
  2. Do not use this drug in children up to six years.
  3. Use with caution in case you have chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, thyrotoxicosis, tachyarrhythmia, pheochromocytoma.
  4. Do not use Canadian Pharmacy Ventolin during pregnancy and lactation.

Special Instructions


Doctor should instruct patients on the correct use of Ventolin inhaler.
Bronchodilators should not be the only one or main component in asthma therapy with unstable or heavy course.
If the action of Ventolin usual dose becomes less effective or less long (effect of the drug should be kept at least for 3 hours), the patient should attend a doctor to define the exact reason to it.

Increasing demand in inhaled b2-adrenergic agonists use with short action duration for asthma symptoms control indicates disease exacerbation. In such cases, you should overview patient’s treatment plan. Sudden and progressive asthma deterioration can become threat to the patient’s life, so in such cases it is necessary to urgently address the issue of appointment or increasing corticosteroids doses. Such patients are recommended to carry out daily monitoring of peak expiratory flow rate.

Very high doses of Ventolin Canada can lead to adverse reactions development, so to solve the issue of dose increasing or drug use frequency can only be made by a doctor. Patients who use Ventolin inhaler online at home, it is necessary to warn that if usual dose action becomes less effective or less long, you can not independently increase dose or administration frequency, but should seek for medical advice immediately.
Canadian Pharmacy Ventolin should be used with caution in patients who have received high doses of other sympathomimetic.


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Salbutamol (Ventolin inhaler) should be used with caution in patients with thyrotoxicosis.

Therapy b2-adrenoreceptor agonists, particularly when administered parenterally or by means of nebulizer can result in hypokalemia. It is advised to exercise special care when treating severe asthma attacks, since in these cases, hypokalemia may be enhanced by simultaneous use of:

  • xanthine derivatives;
  • corticosteroids;
  • diuretics;
  • hypoxia.

In such situations it is necessary to control potassium level in blood serum.

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