Canadian Ventolin Inhaler Generics

What are Generics?

On pharmaceutical market, there are two groups of drugs – original and generic ones. The first group of medications is expensive, and the latter at times (and tens of times) cheaper than the first mentioned. Surveys show that about their existence and their difference not more than 20% of patients know that’s why this issue requires more extensive coverage.

So, the original drug is proved to be a new pharmaceutical company development, which discovered it first, synthesized and patented protection for many years (usually 20 years). During this period, drug is produced only by this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and is unique among competing companies, so you can not find an analog in any pharmacy as long as the patent protection is valid. When patent protection is removed and there are analogues of this initial medication will cost more than all the other.


Time passes, and patent protection expires, and from that moment there appear generic drugs on pharmaceutical market that are essential copies of original drugs. There is a logical question – why are they cheaper? They are cheaper because producers do not need to spend money on their development, they work with a ready medicinal product, there is no need to prove generics’ safety and effectiveness by means of great studies, – it has been already made by a company-developer. That is why generics’ price is significantly lower, even though the requirements for the production of the generics as well as original must be exactly the same, but on practice that’s not always the case.

You may have noticed or will notice now that generics’ price also varies greatly – from expensive to very cheap. It also may be explained. The fact that preparations should be made in accordance with the requirements of GMP (good manufacturing practice standards for medicinal products). In addition, WHO (World Health Organization) has specific requirements for equivalence (similarity) between generics and original drug, namely the need to determine bioequivalence, pharmaceutical equivalence (ie, a complete coincidence of all the fillers and pigments in the original and generic drugs) and therapeutic equivalence ( proof of complete identical actions at both original, and generic drugs). Those drugs that have gone through all the stages of research – expensive according to its value, the same as those medications which have undergone only laboratory-defined bioequivalence are very cheap, but the curative effect is so often disappointing and frustrating patients as well as doctors.

Canadian Ventolin Inhaler Generics

Ventolin inhaler is referred to the group of selective beta 2-agonists. At therapeutic doses, it performs on the β2-adrenergic receptors of bronchial smooth muscle, having slight influence on β1-adrenergic myocardium receptors.


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Salbutamol inhibits histamine release from mast cells, leukotrienes, prostaglandin D2 and other biologically active substances for a long time. It inhibits early and late bronchial reactivity. It has a pronounced bronchodilator effect of preventing or arresting bronchospasm, reduces airways resistance. It increases lung capacity. Also Ventolin inhaler increases mucociliary clearance (in chronic bronchitis to 36%), stimulates mucus secretion, activates ciliated epithelium function.

It arrests inflammatory mediators release from mast cells and basophils, in particular histamine release induced by anti-immunoglobulin E, removes suppression of antigen mucociliary transport and neutrophil chemotactic factor release. It prevents the development of allergen-induced bronchospasm. Ventolin inhaler online may also reduce the number of β1-adrenergic receptors, including lymphocytes. It has a number of metabolic effects:

  1. reduces potassium concentration in plasma.
  2. affects glycogenolysis and insulin release.
  3. has a hyperglycemic (especially in patients with bronchial asthma) and lipolytic effect.
  4. increases acidosis risk.

If the medication is taken according to recommended therapeutic doses there is no risk of adverse reactions appearance on cardiovascular system, it does not cause blood pressure increase. To a lesser extent, as compared with the drugs of this group Canadian Ventolin has a positive chronotropic and inotropic effects. It influences coronary arteries extension.

Once Ventolin is inhaled action develops rapidly, the effect starts in 5 min, max – after 30-90 min (75% of the maximum effect is reached within 5 min), duration – 4.6 hours.

Here is the list of Canadian Ventolin Generic produced by various countries worldwide including Great Britain, Germany, India, Slovenia and etc.:

  • Aloprol;
  • ACC;
  • Eufillin;
  • Salamol;
  • Teotard;
  • Mucomyst;
  • Astalin;
  • Salbutamol;
  • Intal;
  • Ventolin Nebule;
  • Volmax;
  • Salmo;
  • Salben;
  • Saltos;
  • Salgim;
  • Salamol Steri-Neb;
  • Salbuvent;
  • Cybutol Cyclocaps.

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