Ventolin Dosage and Overdose

Adults (including elderly patients): ordinary starting dose of inhaled salbutamol is 2.5 mg. It can be raised to 5 mg. Repeated inhalation can be up to 4 times a day.

For adult patients’ treatment with severe airway obstruction dose may be increased to 40 mg per day, however, this treatment should be carried out in stationary conditions under careful medical supervision.

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Children aged from 4 to 11 years. The usual starting dose of inhaled salbutamol is 2.5 mg. It can be raised up to 5 mg. Repeated inhalation can be up to 4 times per day.

Clinical albuterol effectiveness by nebulization in infants younger than 18 months has not been established. Since the possible transient hypoxemia, it should be taken into consideration necessity of oxygen therapy.

Ventolin 2, 5 mg generally should be applied undiluted. However, if inhalation should be performed for a long time (> 10 minutes), contents of Salbutamol may be diluted with a sterile physiological solution.

ventolin application

Inhalation of an aerosol can be made by using a special face mask or the mouthpiece. It is necessary to carry out periodic rooms’ ventilation where inhalation is carried out. Because of hypoxia risk due to respiratory hypoventilation, a room should be enriched with oxygen.

Dosage and frequency of drug use increase can be performed only by a doctor, given no possibility for side effects to manifest.

Administration Guide for Inhalation

Ventolin inhaler is prescribed for adults to eliminate bronchospasm attacks in a dose of 100-200 mg once a day. For prophylactic treatment the daily dose is 200 mg 3-4 times a day; before exercise or contact with the allergen – 200 mg 15 min before exposure to factor. Children to stop the attack of bronchospasm are recommended the use of Ventolin:

  • 1-2 mg under the age of 2 to 6 years old;
  • 2 mg in age from 6 to 12 years old;
  • 4.2 mg in 12 years of age.
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For prevention – 100-200 mg three times a day is applied. A dose may be increased to 4 ml in case of urgent necessity. Unbridled Ventolin inhaler consumption may result in side effects appearance.

Do not use salbutamol more than 4 times a day. For elderly people, the daily dose is 2 mg three times a day.

Ventolin for inhalation: For adults, a dose is 2.5 mg (up to 5 mg), the use of the nebulizer is up to 4 times per day. For children, a dose of 2.5 mg, is applied up to 4 times a day.


You may define exactly the occurrence of overdose when such symptoms occur:

  • decreased blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • tachyarrhythmia;
  • vomiting;
  • muscle tremors;
  • agitation.

Very rare the following symptoms may be observed: seizures and hallucinations.

Side effect related to blood: hypokalemia, lactic acidosis, hypophosphatemia, leukocytosis. There may appear respiratory alkalosis.
Treatment is symptomatic, appointed agents from the group of cardioselective beta-blockers.

You should be attentive while taking Ventolin inhaler because as any other medications it has its own side effects and contraindications.