Pregnancy after Taking Birth Control Pills

Contraceptive hormonal pills: do they affect ability to have a baby in future; what if pregnancy occurred during their reception; how contraceptives help to treat infertility – answers to these questions are the subject of this article.

When we hear phrase «contraceptive pills», most of us are confident that we are talking about taking contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. And indeed it is true. Manufacturers of these drugs claim that there is an almost complete guarantee that proper application of contraceptive hormonal means will allow you to avoid pregnancy.

But this is only half-true. After all, not everyone knows that there is a diametrically opposite effect of birth control pills, allowing after taking them to quickly get pregnant. This phenomenon has scientific name of «rebound effect» or «pregnancy on withdrawal».

pregnancy after birth control pills

Birth Control Pills Effect on Pregnancy

Principle of action of hormonal contraceptives is based on their ability to inhibit ovaries function. It is expressed in the fact that for a certain period (drug reception cycle) process of ovulation stops, i. e. release of egg from follicle. And since there is nothing to fertilize, then pregnancy does not occur. But Canadian Pharmacy birth control pills have effect on pregnancy prevention only during period of their admission.

After withdrawal ovarian functions are restored. Contraceptives, due to minimum amount of hormones in them, do not affect egg formation, but simply prevent possibility of its fertilization. How much time will be needed to complete ovaries restoration depends on several factors, including:

  • duration of oral contraceptive use (if reception was carried out for not more than six months – pregnancy can occur almost immediately after withdrawing drug, if period of protection against pregnancy is a few years – the same time is necessary to restore fully oppressed sexual function);
  • recovery period is affected by woman’s age (the older she is, the longer it will take).

Doctors advise to take three-month break in hormonal pills reception after each cycle of use.

If you are taking contraceptives, but then decided to have a baby, do not stop to take them immediately after making decision to become pregnant. It is necessary to complete the cycle of their admission indicated in instruction in order to avoid violations of hormonal balance of the body.

What are the Chances to Become Pregnant, Taking Birth Control Pills

Often ladies, whose numerous attempts to have a child did not lead to success, ask a question: «If I take birth control pills, can I still get pregnant?». As paradoxical as it may sound, but in certain cases reception of hormonal contraceptives is indicated for infertility treatment. Many are wondering how you can get pregnant after taking pills, which are called contraceptives.

birth control pills for infertilityThe thing is that probability of getting pregnant after taking these pills is higher than if you simply do not protect yourself. Another question, how easy it is to get pregnant after birth control pills. It depends on individual body properties. In some cases it is enough to spend three months taking pills and stop. Approximately one week after that, you can get a long-awaited pregnancy.

If within seven days menstruation appeared, you will have to repeat three-month cycle of contraceptives reception. You should not worry about whether contraceptives have negative impact on your baby’s health. Numerous studies by My Canadian Pharmacy – – show that they do not affect development of fetus and baby’s health after birth.