What is Ventolin?

Ventolin is an inhaler directed to arrest asthma attacks. Its active ingredient is Salbutamol (daily dose is 2, 5 mg). Other additive constituents are sodium chloride, diluted sulfuric acid, and purified water. This inhaler is considered to be one of the most effective medications applied and prescribed for asthma attacks treatment. Ventolin may be ordered online via My Canadian Pharmacy.

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Pharmacological Properties


Salbutamol is 2- selective adrenoreceptor agonist. At therapeutic doses, it performs on the β2-adrenergic bronchi muscles receptors with minimal or no effect on β1-adrenergic cardiac receptors.


After 10-20% inhalation of administered dose reaches lower airways. The rest remains in the “delivery truck” device or nasopharynx where it is swallowed from. Part of the dose which had reached respiratory tract, is absorbed in lung tissue and enters blood flow, but is not metabolized in lungs.

The onset of drug action accounted for 4-5 minute after inhalation with a duration of 4-6 hours. Once in the systemic circulation, the drug is metabolized in the liver and excreted in kidneys in unchanged form.

Dose ranged from the nasopharynx to digestive system, absorbed in the intestine, the first stage of the metabolism in the liver to the phenolsulphonate compound is carried out, and then it is excreted by kidneys.

ventolin application


  1. Bronchial asthma:
    • Relief of asthma attacks, including bronchial asthma exacerbation with heavy currents;
    • Prevention of bronchospasm attacks associated with impact of allergen or exercise-inducement;
    • Used as a component in long-term maintenance asthma treatment;
  2. COPD, accompanied by reversible airway obstruction;
  3. Chronic bronchitis.
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It is applied to the treatment of adults and children from 4 years old. The drug is indicated for rapid relief of acute asthma attacks, as well as for patients’ treatment with chronic obstructive bronchitis who do not respond to traditional therapy.

Instructions for Use of Ventolin

  1. Prepare nebulizer for use.
  2. Open the bag and take out Ventolin from there. Do not remove the bag, if this is not necessary.
  3. Shake Ventolin inhaler, which is removed. If there is not one inhaler in pack better to leave them in the aluminum bag and put them in a cardboard box.
  4. Hold the upper end of the inhaler; turn the other end to it.
  5. Insert nebulizer on the open side down and press softly. Make sure that the entire drug flowed into the nebulizer.
  6. Assemble the nebulizer and use it according to the instructions for it.
  7. After use, rinse the nebulizer drug; residues should be disposed of.

Children: Ventolin for asthma is prescribed for children aged up to 4 years.

Application during Pregnancy and Lactation Period

ventolin during-pregnancyVentolin drug or inhaler for pregnant women is assigned only when expected benefit to the patient outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

During post-authorization safety study rare cases of various congenital malformations in children were revealed, including the formation of cleft palate and limb malformations, on the background of its intake during pregnancy. In some of these cases, mother took multiple concomitant medications during pregnancy. The causal relationships with drug intake have not been established.

Salbutamol is likely to penetrate into breast milk, so it is not recommended for nursing mothers unless the expected benefit to the patient outweighs the most potential risk to the child. No data is provided relating to the fact that salbutamol has a negative effect on the child while breastfeeding.

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