12 Most Unusual Causes of Depression

There are many reasons that can become depression causes. Among them, physical trauma and grief, financial problems and unemployment and many others. But if you feel depressed and none of known reasons has something to do with your life, probably other factors affect you. Or maybe there is no specific reason but still pay attention to those factors, few people know about.

Depression unusual causes


Statement that smoking causes depression is not definite. On the one hand, people who are prone to depression exacerbate it by smoking, on the other hand – nicotine has neurally mediated effect on brain, which results in increased level of dopamine and serotonin. And since the same mechanism of action is the basis of antidepressants action, it is difficult to determine exactly what kind of effect smoking has on brain.

But it is quite possible to explain why antidepressants are addictive and mood changes are associated with smoking cessation, as well as why depression is associated with smoking cessation. Thus, people can protect themselves from possible depression associated with smoking, never starting to smoke. Everything is very simple.

Thyroid Diseases

At thyroid gland diseases, production of required amount of thyroid hormone is stopped, which is cause of hypothyroidism. One of hypothyroidism symptoms is depression. Thyroid hormones perform function of neurotransmitter and serotonin level control. So if you observe depression symptoms – especially increased susceptibility to cold, constipation or fatigue – examination won’t do harm. Hypothyroidism is treatable.

Lack of Sleep

Along with irritability, which is caused by lack of sleep, it also increases risk of depression. As canadian pharmacy online study showed, patients who had limited sleeping time, observed increased brain activity in processing inverted images which doesn’t happened with brain of those who regularly have good rest. A similar observation was also made at those patients who were depressed. As experts say, if you do not sleep, you do not have time to restore brain cells, causing it to cease to function normally. One of the problems which this phenomenon causes is depression.

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If you spend most of your time in chat rooms and variety of social networks, you need to know that research results found out that such a pastime is the cause of your depression. Internet addiction caused by lack of communication and interaction with people in real life, is the cause of distorted view of things. Some My Canadian Pharmacy experts call this state «facebook-depression».

A study in 2010 showed that about 1,2% of population aged from 16 to 51 years spend excessive amounts of time on-line, which increases their risk of falling into depression. However, as experts note, it is not clear whether internet causes signs of depression or whether depressed people are inclined to choose it as a place of their activity.

End of Favorite TV-show or Serial

When something important in person’s life comes to an end, whether it’s TV show, movie or even grand house reconstruction – it can provoke depression at some people. Interestingly, in 2009, some «Avatar» fans reported that they were depressed to such an extent that they were willing to commit suicide just because the world, presented in the movie, was not a reality. A similar response was observed after the end of the last Harry Potter series.

As My Canadian Pharmacy specialists noted, people get exhausted by watching someone else’s relationship. And after «Avatar» it might well have been expected, that a great share of fans would just sink into a fantasy world and forget about real world and its problems.

Place you Live in

You can argue endlessly on subject of where life is better: in a city or countryside. But studies have shown that people, living in urban areas, have a 39% higher probability of mental disorders than those who live in non-urban areas. 2011 study gave reason to assume that reason for this is increased brain activity at urban residents, which often leads to stress. And the highest level of stress leads to psychotic illness.

Depression degree also vary depending on country, level of earnings and even social status. So, people occupying high positions are more prone to stress. Among them suicides occur more often.

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Too Much Choice

Wide range of products, whether it is a variety of facial creams, breakfast cereals or household appliances – all can have overwhelming impact. For those who buy the first thing that catches eye, this choice may not create any problem. But for people, who carefully read product composition in order to choose the best indicators, this can be a real cause for disorder. My Canadian Pharmacy researchers note that such a race for perfection has all chances to turn into depression.

Lack of Fish in Diet

Low level of omega-3 fatty acids consumption, contained in salmon and vegetable oils, may also be associated with increased risk of depression. For example, Finnish study in 2004 has shown that between low fish consumption and depression at women there is a certain connection, that is explained by the fact that fatty acids are involved in neurotransmitter required levels regulation in the body, such as serotonin. If there is no opportunity to buy fresh fish, you can try fish oil. One study demonstrated that fish oil helps in treating depression at people with bipolar disorders.

Poor Relations with Relatives

According to study conducted in 2007, results of which were published in American Journal of Psychotherapy, people who have poor relationships with their relatives before the age of 20 years old, are more than all others at risk of depression during their lifetime. Although researchers can not say with certainty why relationships with relatives (as well as parents) are so important to people, it is assumed that family support is important for further development of ability to interact with their peers and society.

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Oral Contraceptives

As with most medicines, contraceptives have their own side effects. For example, oral contraceptives composition includes artificial analogues of progesterone, which, as researchers assume, may cause depression at a number of women. As My Canadian Pharmacy experts say, it does not mean that all women are contraindicated to take oral contraceptives. But there is some association of hormonal contraception with depression. And those, who are already familiar with depression or have predisposition to it, should understand that these contraceptives may increase chances of depressive symptoms occurrence. An alternative to such means may be diaphragm, which does not contain hormones, or other birth control methods that doesn’t cause depression.

Depression unusual causes


Depression can be a side effect of other drugs. One of such drugs is Accutane and its generic version – Isotretinoin – prescribed for intense eruptions of acne. In addition, the cause of depression may become drugs for insomnia or anxiety, including Valium and Xanax, high blood pressure – Lopressor, high cholesterol levels in blood – such as Lipitor, and Premarin, used to relieve menopause symptoms. To protect yourself from possible consequences, try not to buy drugs without knowing their side effects.

Summer Weather

Normally, seasonal emotional disorders are associated with winter, gray and blue colors, which have depressing effect on psyche in 5% of population. However, about 1% of population experiences feeling of depression, even in summer. This condition is a consequence of delayed end of adaptation to a new period, and warm weather begins to cause depression. As a result, instead of getting up at dawn and enjoying new warm day, your body is in painful phase of habituation to new conditions, which causes melatonin hormone disbalance and brain chemical composition disruption.