How to Defeat Depression: 10 Simple Tips by My Canadian Pharmacy

In autumn it often seems that everything good is over, and ahead of us there are just cold and boring evenings at home, watching TV. And what else to do, when it’s rainy and windy outside? In such conditions it is easy to succumb to depression and give up. General depression definition that My Canadian Pharmacy gives is as follows –  a common but serious mood disorder. To survive in this unequal struggle with depression symptoms and bad mood, improve quality of life and fully prepare to meet new spring, consider of our simple tips.

1. Control your Thoughts

You want to get rid of depression? Erase from your vocabulary the word «depression» and its derivatives! If you still will be taken by pessimistic mood, think of this as a temporary decline – it’s just a bad day, or a couple of days, but not in any way «depression». This word brings so much negativity that it is very difficult to resist. It is much easier to cope with bad mood, rather than depression.

thoughts effect on depressive mood

2. Keep to Healthy Diet

Overeating, poor nutrition, starvation, heavy drinking – all this is manifestations of deviant behavior, an attempt to suppress our feelings and emotions. But no matter how hard you try to suppress your feelings, sooner or later, they will still remind about themselves – for example, will turn into depression. No need to «eat for comfort», when you want to get rid of emotions – anyway you can’t «eat them»! Think of it this way: every time you eat, not feeling hungry, you are subconsciously trying to suppress emotions that will still arise and provoke new «midnight raid on fridge». A vicious circle. Do not try to run away from your feelings, deal with them. Tell yourself: «I am ready to face my fears. I will not eat any more and complicate this situation. I will eat only when I’m hungry». You will be surprised how quickly your diet will normalize, if you control your appetite this way. Optimal option – three meals a day and no snacking, especially at night. Remember that hunger is a natural physical reaction of the body, desire of the body, not mind. This does not mean that you should keep to a strict diet and in everything limit yourself. Eat everything you want, but in reasonable quantities and only when you feel hungry.

3. Do Exercises

Sport and proper nutrition – not a «first aid» for depression. It is a lifestyle that will help to save not only physical but also mental health. In addition, exercise discipline and shape moderation and endurance, and sportsmen do not yield to difficulties of life without fight. It is not necessary to participate in a marathon – just every day go for a walk for half an hour.

4. Change Lifestyle

To overcome depression, get rid of habits that partly cause different signs of depression. Every day, try to change your mindset, think of what is happening in positive light. If you blame circumstances or other people for your failures, find strength to face the truth. Always repeat to yourself: «I’m guilty of what has happened. I should not have responded that way. I can change everything». The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, try to behave differently, to break current behavioral circuit. If you feel that others treat you badly, remember that you can not read their minds, and they can think anything they want. To endure difficulties of life and resist depression also humor and self-irony help.

5. Face the Truth

Review your expectations and priorities in life. You may have to give up some illusions and set more realistic life goals. People prone to various types of depression depression, often assure themselves that their happiness is impossible without certain things – love, wealth, money, fame, etc. If it is impossible to get what you want, it is very easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. But is not it better just to accept situation and abandon unachievable? Some situations in life simply can not be changed. Is not it better to set a realistic goal? For example, you can change your job, you hate, or break painful relationship.

6. Be Friendly with People

Try to be friendly with others. Attention and genuine interest will help you to build new positive relationships. Ask friends and family not to pay attention to your depressive behavior, ignore your complaints about life and not encourage your self-pity. Find thing that you can do together with your friends – do sports, dancing, hiking, etc. Friends’ help is not to lend you a shoulder, where you will be able to cry out, that is, not appease your depression, but deal with it together with you. It logically brings us to point 7:

7. Stop Petying Yourself

When you complain to life, crying, telling friends about your feelings, discuss your problems with them, they will certainly show understanding and sympathy. Unfortunately, it is understanding and sympathy encourage depressive behavior. Sometimes, if you’re depressed, friends or family members are willing to completely release you from home work, day and night you stay in bed, exhausted from self-pity, until you family takes care of you. As a consequence, you obtain dependence on others, you are looking for their sympathy at any cost. Other manifestations of depressive behaviors – overeating, chaotic waste of money, alcohol and drug abuse, random sex without emotions. All this allows for a short time to relax and feel better. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get rid of these habits.

8. Deal with Problems in your Personal Life

Getting rid of depression also helps solving problems in personal life. Strained relations with relatives, complicated love affairs, estrangement of friends – all this does not contribute to good mood. Of course, to solve all problems in personal life at once is impossible, it should be done gradually. Set reachable goals, and global tasks divide into several simple, easily achievable tasks. Do not hesitate to seek help of psychotherapist, family counselor, or contact friends. Ask yourself: «What negative or stressful situations exist in my life? How can I solve them? How to fix conflict relationships?» In no case do not give up and let chips fall where they may. Sometimes people with depression are simply unable to find correct solution to the problem, because they reject all solutions which they seem to be unacceptable, unpleasant or ineffective. Do not give in to pessimism, do not allow pessimism to influence your decisions. Be open to all decisions, no matter how complex or unusual they may seem to you.

9. Be Optimistic

Habit of seeing everything in dark light, to treat everything negatively, may also be one of depression causes. My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown that people with depression tend to underestimate their achievements, talents and merits. People satisfied with their lives, face failures, experience frustration, pain, fear, sadness, anxiety and guilt in the same way as those who are prone to depression. But they do not make a tragedy out of this, do not think that they have to endure specific, non-human tortures. No, they retain presence of mind and keep a good heart, because they take pain and suffering as an integral part of life, which – alas! – can not be excluded, but can be endured with minimal loss. Therefore, they have more friends who helps them to overcome life’s difficulties. Love life, despite pain and suffering, is life philosophy, conscious choice, not a givenness. And people who make this brave choice, are worthy to be admired and following their example.

optomism helps to solve problems easier

10. Find a Hobby

Probably one of the most common causes of depression – lack of non-work related interests and hobbies. When all your life is limited to work, it is easy to become despondent if something goes wrong in professional sphere. It’s boring, and when things are going too well – there is nothing to seek, nothing to strive for. That’s when it’s time and find a new hobby. Interests and hobbies are important for psychical and mental health, they help to achieve harmony, feed our self-esteem and just improve mood. Doing favorite, interesting things gives satisfaction and distracts from other, more pressing issues, negative thoughts and emotions, which often lead to depression. Especially active exercises, team games, travel, working with your hands (for example, gardening, handwork) are helpful.

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