Female Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment

Why does a Woman not Want to Have Sex?

Often men face situation when a woman refuses from intimacy. Reasons for this behavior are different, but the situation is very unpleasant. As a rule, a man hears standard excuse, such as headache or fatigue, and often begins to suspect their partner of infidelity, to think that love has gone. It happens that this suspicions are true, but usually they are far from reality, reasons for this behavior are numerous, and here are the most common.

female edAnger
If a woman suppresses anger, «hunger» in bedroom is inevitable, most women punish their partners with sex. Causes for anger may be different, so you should talk and find out what’s wrong and try to correct your mistake.

Physical Discomfort
Another reason may be poor health, perhaps your second half is ill.

Rough men are not uncommon, lack of affection and care can also cause refusal from sex. Times when men threw a woman on shoulder and dragged into cave have passed, but individuals with such habits remained.

Absence of Romance
Also an important factor. Lack of compliments, romantic behavior, unexpected little surprises can cause refusal from sex.

Psychological Trauma
Psychological shock can also affect woman’s libido. Family problems, problems at work, tragic event may lead to depression, consequence of which would be refusal from sex.

If a woman gets tired at work, she has a lot to do around the house, a small child or children, it can also affect attraction to men. If at the end of the day there is energy only for taking shower and crawling into bed, you can expect having sex. To avoid refusal you should be attentive to your woman, and if still there is a problem, find out the reason. Ask your partner, maybe for a long time she wanted to talk, but couldn’t start a conversation first.

What can be Done?

Be more attentive, make compliments, show your affection, it is always nice, so you can avoid many problems in relationships. Try not to hurt your woman.

You may take some responsibilities at home, your help would be greatly appreciated. All problems can be solved if you approach it wisely. And even after a few years of living together, «spring» may come into your bedroom, and first-class sex will be for you not a dream, but a reality.

How to Increase Libido at Women?

Every woman at every age tends to be beautiful, attractive and desirable. However, when it comes to sexual capabilities and ability to achieve bright and powerful orgasm, many representatives of the fair half of mankind complain about how difficult and rarely they get to experience it.

And at the same time for their partners this is not a problem. After all, when it comes to men, issue of sexual excitement is often hidden behind physiological problems. In case of women, presence or absence of libido is connected to both nervous and psychological disorders and lack of self-confidence and confidence in their abilities.

Many women take decreased libido problem as a real fiasco in sexual arena. Doctors also beat alarm, declaring that every fourth woman suffers from incurable frigidity. Some of them even believe that these figures are underestimated, since half of the fair half of mankind refuses to admit their intimate problems.

However, is everything as bad as experts say? Hardly. In this article My Canadian Pharmacy will try to understand reasons of this unpleasant disorder, as well as the most effective ways to overcome it.

How to Increase Female Libido with Drugs?

Medicamental treatment of decreased libido at women consists in taking particular group of drugs that have stabilizing effect on hormonal disorders in their normal level in the body.

It is fair to say that before starting complex treatment in order to eliminate the problem it is necessary to consult experienced professional. Diagnostic survey will identify root cause of the disease, determine hormonal changes level, as well as identify the most optimal way to improve situation.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a wide range of products that allow to completely eliminate female sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction and for a long time forget about all problems of sexual nature. Different groups of agents in the form of pills, capsules, lubricants, sprays, creams and gels will allow you to experience a storm of emotions thanks to sharp increase in female secretions.

Causes of Decreased Female Libido

As mentioned earlier, the main reason of excitation, desire and sensitivity level during sexual intercourse reduction at women is associated with trauma, nervous disorders, exhaustion, fatigue or malaise. Complete absence of libido may be associated with prolonged overtension and frequent stress. Usually it concerns those women who have difficult, hard and exhausting job.

Another common reason for decline in female libido can be called lack of self-confidence. Sometimes reluctance to have sex is associated with prolonged depression or apathy. In this case, physiological factors can be added to psychological aspects: produced in brain active elements under stress and sadness block centers responsible for sexual desire duration.


In addition, it is necessary to also allocate physical reasons for decline in female libido level that appear at:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactating period;
  • menopause;
  • diabetes or anemia;
  • cardiovascular system diseases;
  • constant antidepressants or poor-quality contraceptives reception;
  • genitourinary and reproductive systems diseases (yeast, vaginismus, etc.).

However, it is relationships between man and woman that have the strongest impact on libido. If people in the couple have grown cold to each other, no longer feel interest and desire, then libido level, respectively, decreases. After all, if men can easily have sex with any partner, regardless of their relations development degree, for woman such thought is simply unbearable.

How to Increase Female Libido at Home

Traditional remedies, prepared at home, are the most popular and affordable way to deal with low libido level at women of different age categories. Such proven by many generations method is preferred by almost a half of all patients. Already in ancient Egypt to raise libido ladies used special Spanish fly and dietary supplements, manufactured on basis of extracts and infusions of herbs.

Today, traditional remedies of medicine can be divided into three main groups:

  • phytotherapy;
  • apiotherapy;
  • hirudotherapy.

Each of these areas is a separate science, with radically different methods of application and action.

Hirudotherapy is an effective way to increase sexual desire at women due to positive effect of leeches. If there is a particular problem in sexual sphere, leeches are put on necessary zones and areas of pelvis. Such procedures must be conducted solely under qualified professional supervision.

Apiotherapy is a method of health improvement, based on regular honey intake. Honey is a tasty and healthy product, widely known for its healing properties, unusual flavor and rich history. Honey is adored by representatives of different age groups, from children to women in very old age.

Among many honey benefits there are also distinguished:

  • presence of anti-viral and antibacterial substances;
  • long and safe storage;
  • ability to destroy pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria in patient’s body;
  • presence of such useful elements as chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, as well as various vitamins, amino acids, hormones and biostimulants;
  • ability to increase human energy tone, positive impact on every single system in the body.

Positive effect of apiotherapy will not be long in coming. Already after a few days a woman is able to feel relief and a long-awaited sexual excitement. Honey must be taken every day, in cold season – 3 – 4 tablespoons a day, in warm season – 6 – 8 tablespoons a day. This dosage distribution is explained by the fact that honey is maximally fresh in summer, having several times more nutrients than in winter.

However, the most sought-after and popular way to restore female libido at home may be considered phytotherapy. Phytotherapy is an effective treatment, which consists in increasing estrogen amount in patient’s body. High-quality phytotherapy consists in eating products containing maximal amount of this substance.

These products include juniper, rosemary, walnuts, ginger, blackberry and blueberry, dill, parsley and cilantro, soy and lime, as well as sage, ginseng and other herbs. Most often these plants are used to produce a variety of teas, nutritional infusions, decoctions, lubricants and gels. There are used as cooked and uncooked.

How to Increase Female Libido with Food?

Both for male and female body proper nutrition is very important. It not only provides power and energy for the day, but also contributes to libido enhancement in threefold amount. Products that increase women’s passion and sexual desire has long been known as aphrodisiacs.

They include set of different spices. Onions, hot peppers, garlic and cinnamon, horseradish, ginger and fennel – all this can provoke stormy outburst of emotions and desire in your partner.

But it is unlikely that a woman can eat only spices for a long time. Erogenous stimulators in this case also can be ordinary provisions: fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, dairy products, eggs, stewed or fried liver, vegetable oil or butter, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables, cabbage, nuts, sweet chocolate.

Due to large amount of fatty acids in their composition passion can be caused by a variety of seafood types: shrimps, oysters, clams, fish, caviar, lobsters, squids. Do not forget about wonderful effect of herbs (dill, parsley, lettuce, cilantro, spinach), pumpkin seeds and ample drinking.

When restoring libido abstain from sugary carbonated drinks and alcohol, quit smoking. Be extremely careful with taking hormonal contraceptives, antihypertensive drugs, antispasmodics, antipsychotics, as well as means of anticholinergic action.

How to Increase Female Libido with Therapy?

In addition to a variety of gels, lubricants, ointments, capsules and pills, a woman should try special therapeutic rehabilitation, which is based on the following ways of dealing with decreased libido level:

Medicinal Patch
This product has a special sticky basis, as well as medicinal ingredients, producing enhanced effect on skin due to natural and hormonal substances.

Regular Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises are an effective and fast physical training, increasing pelvic muscles tone. For most women this type of muscles is involved extremely rare, so with time it can completely lose its elasticity and become weak and thin.

Reflexology Vaginal Massage
Regular massage of specific points makes it possible to increase female body sensitivity and sensibility to external factors. Rest, socializing and relaxation. What a woman needs to feel attractive and sexy? Enough time to relax from daily hassle.

Mandatory part of such rest is listening to good music, back massage, delicious dinner, fragrant and aromatic bath, «heart to heart» conversation with the loved one. Quarrels, irritation, disagreements and bickering destroy not only emotional connection between partners, but also their intimate life.

Go in for sports, aerobics or dancing, start jogging or doing morning exercises as simple exercises – and you will see how fast your life will change for the better!

How to Increase Female Libido with Medical Treatment

The advantages of drug therapy in case of decreased female libido include:

  • easy and fast way of usage;
  • effective result;
  • can be used during pregnancy, lactation and menopause;
  • one hundred percent increased female libido, orgasm quality and sexual intercourse duration.

Generics, which you can always buy in My Canadian Pharmacy (mycanadianpharmacyteam.com), are considered to be the most effective and safe medicines. They quickly penetrate and are absorbed, have preventive effect, increase sexual attraction and desire, stimulate blood flow to muscle mass, as well as completely eliminate such common problem, as «dry vagina». If you want to get real pleasure from having sex with someone you love, experience real passion and go «over the moon», hurry to buy effective and high-quality generic drugs in My Canadian Pharmacy online!

Female Viagra Effect on Women

Although sexual disorder among women is recognized as a disease not so long ago, today there appeared a lot of high-quality medicines to increase libido level. Among the most effective of them is Canadian Pharmacy Female Viagra. Female Viagra is made on basis of selective inhibitor sildenafil, which stimulates blood circulation in organs, increases erogenous zones sensitivity, sexual desire and sex hormones production.

female viagra

Drug action lasts for up to four to six hours, during which patient feels burst of energy, activation of sexual excitement and powerful vaginal sensitivity. The drug helps to achieve orgasm and maximum satisfaction. Indications for Female Viagra are the following:

  • frigidity;
  • low sensitivity as a result of childbirth, menopause and surgical interventions;
  • loss of muscle tone and walls expansion;
  • chronic vaginal dryness.

Female Viagra Effect on Women over 30

The main indications for Canadian Female Viagra reception at women older than 30 years are:

  • low sexual energy;
  • loss of vaginal and erogenous zones sensitivity.

Causes of sexual dysfunction at young women in most cases are: complicated childbirth, genitourinary system diseases and their surgical treatment. Also, functional disorders develop as a result of hormonal disorders and psychological factors. As psychological reasons should be understood bad sexual experience, complexes and self-inconfidence, trauma on the basis of intimacy. Of course, it should be noted that in some cases, frigidity is a congenital defect.

Viagra for women after 30 years allows in short time to get rid of sexual disorders symptoms and normalize sex life quality. Female Viagra action is somewhat different from similar drug for men. The reason for this are some differences in hormonal background. If at men selective inhibitor sildenafil causes increased blood circulation in penis and then strong erection, at women this substance increases sensitivity of vaginal nerve endings and erogenous zones. As a result of Female Viagra effect, sensitivity to touches is significantly enhanced which allows getting vivid physical and emotional sensations from sex and achieve orgasm.

Enhanced sensitivity is caused by sexual muscles contraction stimulation, whereby they become more supple and elastic. Circulation inside pelvic organs under Canadian Viagra influence also becomes more active. For young representatives of the fair sex, who do not have serious health problems and chronic cardiovascular system pathologies, the drug is absolutely safe.

Sildenafil is not addictive, in small doses accumulates in blood plasma and is not harmful. When recommended by manufacturer doses are followed, the drug does not cause side effects. It is not recommended to use Female Viagra one day before start or end of menstruation: in this period pelvic organs are in good tone, but with additional stimulation hemorrhages can be activated. Also, the product effect is enhanced during premenstrual syndrome or immediately after ovulation.

Female Viagra Effect on Women over 40

Female Viagra action on women older than 40 years also is to improve erogenous zones and vagina sensitivity. The product is taken by middle-aged women, cause of sexual dissatisfaction at which is loss of necessary organism sensitivity as a result of low muscle tone, lack of smooth muscle firmness and elasticity, as well as vagina expansion.

Almost 100% of listed diseases develop during postpartum period or because of age-related changes. In addition, vagina expansion is often caused by lack of physical activity and excess weight. As at young women, sexual pathology at women after 40 years develop due to hormonal disorders. Function quality at women is directly affected by estrogen level, decreasing in case of development of genitourinary system infectious diseases. According to statistics, women over 40 are most prone to pelvic organs diseases.

In case of absence of contraindications to Female Viagra reception, the drug is easily tolerated and does not cause discomfort. The drug does not increase blood pressure and blood sugar, with proper administration does not cause adverse side effects. Contraindications to the drug are:

  • serious cardiovascular, nervous and circulatory systems;
  • body injuries;
  • cancer;
  • gastric or duodenal ulcer;
  • hypersensitivity to sildenafil.

Female Viagra Effect on Women over 50

Indication for Canadian generic Viagra reception at women after 50 years in most cases is menopause. During this period there are change in hormonal level, significant decrease in sexual desire, low excitability and difficulties in achieving orgasm. The drug helps by several times to reduce negative manifestation of menopause, eliminate discomfort during intimacy, increase sexual energy, stimulate vaginal secretion production, get rid of chronic vaginal dryness.

female viagraAt women older than 50 years Canadian Pharmacy Female Viagra (read more) stimulates healthy blood circulation in pelvic organs. In addition, the product effectively eliminates negative effects of surgical interventions. Many ladies of older generation who had undergone surgery on genitals (e. g., uterectomy or ovariectomy), complain on lack of body sensitivity. With regular drug use vaginal walls become more sensitive during sexual intercourse. Note that Female Viagra is effective only in combination with natural sexual stimulation.

Selective inhibitor sildenafil activates blood circulation. However, the drug itself does not cause increase in blood pressure. Blood pressure may increase directly at sexual stimulation, which provides load on the body, in particular – on cardiovascular system. In absence of heart diseases, this effect is completely safe for the body. If a woman over 50 has chronic heart diseases, suffers from high blood pressure, Viagra can cause severe load on heart muscle and lead to general health deterioration. Women over 50 years before taking Canadian Female Viagra are recommended to undergo medical examination and consult gynecologist.