Exercise Caution when Combining Levitra with Alcohol

Scientific studies indicate that when Levitra and alcohol combined they produce the following effect:

  • A feeling of dizziness;
  • Tachycardia: this is a situation when the heartbeat suddenly becomes rapid;
  • Hypotension: this concept refers to low blood pressure.

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Is the Combination Dangerous?

Several scientific studies have shown that in general, using this pill after drink, or vice versa, does not have severe side effects. This, however, does not mean that there is no danger in taking alcohol at the same time when you are taking the pill. The combination of both has the effect of causing the blood vessels to open wider. This combination cannot be said to be totally safe.

Even though studies indicate that taking this combo could be safe for individuals taking the pill, health professionals still advise to limit their intake of alcohol when they use:

  • It is a PDE5 inhibitor;
  • There is a risk of hypotensive reactions, which should not be ignored;
  • Both have the potential to cause blood pressure issues;
  • Alcohol itself has been named as the culprit in causing erectile dysfunction. You could actually be contradicting yourself if you are taking medication to treat erectile dysfunction while at the same time you are taking another substance that has been shown to cause the problem.

Levitra and Alcohol

Avoiding Interactions

If you still have any questions, whether it is appropriate to combine these two substances, take some time to speak with a pharmacist from My Canadian Pharmacy team about the effects of combining them. In order to avoid any adverse effects, which can occur while taking the pill, make sure that you do not drink in excessive amounts. You will need to test how your body reacts to the combination by small amounts at first. If you notice any of the adverse symptoms, it will be safe to stop at once.

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Whatever the case, it is always advisable to have a chat with your healthcare worker or your pharmacist after buying Levitra from Canadian Pharmacy before you combine the product and drink. Speak to a healthcare professional or a pharmacist who knows your condition well. Together you can come up with a solution that will work best for your health situation.

So Should You Drink?

The short answer is that moderate amounts of alcohol should not be a cause for concern to anyone using this. The problem sits with excessive drinking. Excessive using is always a hazard even for anyone who is not taking any medication. This risk becomes worse for anyone under medication. Medical experts would rather recommend that anyone who is under any treatment should stay away from alcohol.