Elon Musk Suffered Malaria and Survived Due to Aralen (Chloroquine)

In 2000, Elon Musk announced he suffered from malaria having an almost fatal case of the disease. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX described what happened when he was infected with plasmodium falciparum. This type of parasite causes a potentially fatal form of malaria that can affect the central nervous system or cause acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Musk claimed the medicine that was used to treat his malaria would be effective in treating the new coronavirus – Covid-19. There was an almost fatal case of falsiparum. He would have died if not treated with Aralen (chloroquine). This does not mean that it will be 100% with coronovirus, but it may be better than nothing.Elon Musk Suffered Malaria and Survived Due to Aralen (Chloroquine)

Elon Musk said he was twice established an incorrect diagnosis before doctors discovered malaria. Musk catched the disease while traveling to Brazil and South Africa with his wife Justine Wilson (at the moment – former) in December 2000, and this is one of the reasons he is known to no longer take vacations.

Perhaps due to the fact that Musk survived such a severe disease, the businessman does not take the current crisis associated with the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), quite seriously.

However, now Musk at least allowed his employees to stay at home because of the spread of coronavirus.

A letter that the entrepreneur sent to employees reported that factory workers can stay at home even with the slightest symptoms of general weakness. However, Musk continues to insist that the panic around the coronavirus is much more harmful than the damage from the spread of the virus. Musk is sure that the number of infected people will not exceed 0.1% of the world’s population.

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Not long ago, news appeared in the media that several workers at the Tesla factory in Fremont were infected with the coronavirus, but Musk insists there were no such cases.

However, Musk also warned in a letter that for now, employees should refrain from participating in mass meetings and trips to elderly relatives, for whom the coronavirus is most dangerous.

It is worth noting that although the head of Tesla allowed the employees not to come to work, if they have any concerns, he did not say anything about paid vacations and not recommended to take Aralen containing the same Chloroquine to treat coronavirus. In any case, it is better to address healthcare institution to overcome this disease so widespread worldwide.