Canadian Pharmacy Antibiotics: Cipro with Other Drugs Interractions

Canadian Pharmacy Cipro is one of the most effective fluoroquinolones; it has found a wide use in clinical practice, which reflects, in particular, in a large number of names, under which this drug is produced in different countries.

Canadian Cipro is an antibiotic, possessing antibacterial effect against a broad spectrum of pathogens. It does not slow down or inhibit microcosms development and reproduction, as bacteriostatic drugs do, but completely eliminates bacteria, causing their death, followed by their clearance from the body. Antibiotic mechanism of action is based on bacterial DNA-gyrase inhibition – enzyme, responsible for DNA duplication, without which protein synthesis process is impossible.


Cipro administration is accompanied by a number of restrictions. So, during treatment course with this drug, you must refrain from excessive exposure to sunlight. An important condition for effective drug operation is sufficient volume of fluid consumption to maintain urine output at normal level (otherwise there may be erythruria and crystalluria).

Cipro Canada application and dosage are determined individually depending on infection severity and localization in the body, patient’s age and body weight, his health state in general and urinary system functional status in particular.

Before including this means into treatment regimen, you should consider its compatibility or lack thereof with other medications.

Drug Interactions


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Due to microsomal oxidation decreased activity in hepatocytes, Canada Pharmacy Cipro (what is it?) increases concentration and prolongs half-life period of theophylline and other xanthines (e. g., caffeine), oral hypoglycemic drugs, indirect anticoagulants, thereby reducing prothrombin ratio.

Applied together with NSIADs (except for acetylsalicylic acid), Canadian Cipro increases seizures risk.

Metoclopramide accelerates Cipro absorption, which reduces time to achieving maximal concentration of the latter.

Co-administration with uricosuric drugs leads to slower excretion (up to 50%) and increased Cipro concentration in plasma.

When combined with other antimicrobial agents (beta-lactam antibiotics, aminoglycosides, clindamycin, metronidazole), synergism is commonly observed. Therefore Cipro Canadian Pharmacy can be used successfully in combination with:

  • azlocillin and ceftazidime at infections caused by Pseudomonas spp.;
  • mezlocillin, azlocillin and other beta-lactam antibiotics – at streptococcal infections;
  • isoxazolpenicillins and vancomycin – at staphylococcal infections;
  • metronidazole and clindamycin – at anaerobic infections.

Canadian Cipro increases cyclosporine nephrotoxic effect, there also noted increase in serum creatinine, therefore these patients should control this indicator 2 times a week.

At the same time Cipro intake increases indirect anticoagulants effect.

Canada healthcare Cipro clearance is slowed down when taking probenecid.

Pharmaceutical Interaction

Canadian Pharmacy Cipro infusion solution pharmaceutically incompatible with all infusion solutions and drugs that are physic-chemically unstable at acidic environment (Cipro infusion solution pH – 3,5 – 4,6). You must not mix solution for intravenous administration with solutions having pH greater than 7.