Canadian Generic Zithromax with Alcohol Consumption

Canadian Zithromax belongs to antibiotic category of macrolides. Its main effect is bactericidal and anti-bacterial in nature. Active ingredient is azithromycin (semisynthetic substance essentially). It possesses high activity against microbes. The spectrum of its activities is quite wide. Thus, it is applicable in respect to battle against wide range of strains.

In Treating of what Diseases is Canadian Zithromax Applied?

As it was already mentioned, the spectrum of its activities is quite wide. Thus, it is effective for a number of infections of respiratory system:

  • pneumonia (read more);
  • bronchitis (both acute and chronic).

In addition, diseases of soft tissues and skin ailments can be treated, which include erysipelas, folliculitis, furunculosis, pyoderma, impetigo, and some others.

alcohol and antibiotic
Zithromax ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy can be used in diseases of the urogenital system (prostatitis, cervicitis, etc.) treatment, as well as diseases of ENT specialization (sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis etc.). The drug can also be used for some other diseases treatment.

How will Zithromax Canada Interact with Alcohol? And why is it so Dangerous?

First, the drug – Zithromax is an antibiotic, which is proved to be a contraindication to the simultaneous use of alcohol. Any specialist will confirm that these two categories of substances are incompatible with each other. After all, your health is put at stake and effectiveness of treatment may be reduced because of alcohol consumption.

Secondly, intoxicating beverages use while taking antibiotics is likely to contribute to the development of complications and side effects. The main hit at this point is on liver, which is necessary not only to cope with the disease, but also to bare antibiotics, and alcohol action. But drugs also harm body. So why not to spare liver in such a difficult period for it? Yes, and any liver complications are great health risk.

Another unpleasant body reaction of any person because of alcohol consumption is a significant slowdown of decay products elimination from the body. This relates to all processes in body. As a result, a person can get severe intoxication, which do not accelerate recovery, but does become an obstacle in treatment, making disease more and more severe, painful and prolonged.


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By the way, you cannot consume alcohol not only directly during Zithromax pills intake, but also for some time after. The fact is that the body is weakened, that’s why it needs time for restoration. Antibiotics, though has done their work, but do harm for human body as well. Therefore, it is not the best time to consume alcoholic beverages. It should be at least for a week after Canadian Zithromax application you’d better to abstain from alcohol consumption.

In general, each person has their own reaction to the simultaneous intake of antibiotics and alcohol. And any individual is always more pleasant to think that everything will be fine just in his case. And just few people think about consequences caused by this “deteriorating combination”. In this case it is taken by irresponsibility and indifference attitude to their own health.

My Canadian Pharmacy is hopeful this information will be the cause to reflect and possibly once again not to consume alcohol, even regardless of medications intake. And when taking them – certainly. Be healthy and less disease – Especially created by your own efforts!