Generic Levitra Canadian Pharmacy Side Effects and Contraindications

If you suffer from any form of erectile dysfunction, you have probably tried to solve this problem in one way or another. If other drugs such as Cialis of Viagra have proved to be powerless, you can try Generic Levitra. The pill can also be used in its original form. It, however, remains your responsibility to disclose all the information to the staff at the pharmacy about any medical conditional that you have. If you do not, you risk suffering from the side effects of the drug caused by contradiction.

What is Levitra?

LevitraIt is a form of medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, otherwise commonly known as importance, in man. It works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of the vessels so that blood can freely flow through the body, especially to the penis. It usually becomes the last resort for those who have tried to use Cialis of Viagra without success.

Side effects

Like any other medication, Levitra side effects should be treated with the seriousness they deserve. It is the duty of the individual taking this drug to make sure that they are on the lookout for the following effects in the event that they are using this medication:

  • If you start feeling dizzy or nauseous during sexual activity.
  • If you suspect that, you may be suffering the symptoms of a heart attack while after having taken the pill.
  • If there is any pain of whatever sort during sexual intercourse.
  • If you suddenly start to feel that parts of your body are becoming numb.
  • Also, watch out for any tingling sensations in areas such as the chest, arms, neck or jaw.
  • If there is any swelling of parts of the face, including the tongue.
  • Difficulty in breathing is also part of a condition to watch out for.

The side effects listed above can be a result of Levitra contraindictaions.



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In relation to drugs, the term contradiction refers to a situation where an individual should avoid a drug because there is a risk that its use could be harmful to the individual using the drug. There are generally two types of contradictions;

  1. Relative contradiction: this means that care should be exercised in the event that certain drugs are used together.
  2. Absolute contradiction: in this instance, the use of two or more together could have severe effects on the person using them.

If you are planning to buy Levitra at My Canadian Pharmacy, you should always make sure that you have informed the staff at the pharmacy if you are taking any of the other drugs, this may save your life.